Friday, September 30, 2011

And Pom Scribes call St Richie a CHEAT!!!

Apparently in response to the ICON of English Rugby's problem kicking goals, so much an integral part of how they win games, two of the management team replaced the ball for Wilkinson's conversion attempts during the game against Romania.

This, in the totally enclosed Forsyth Barr, ahem sorry, the Otago stadium.

The rules state (Rugby has a rule to cover everything) "a conversion attempt must use the ball touched down in the scoring of the try", unless the ref rules that ball unsuitable. Eight numbered balls were in use and the two coaches off their own bat, apparently, switched to a more favoured ball and have been banned from attending the Scotland game this weekend.

As I write this there is no suggestion either are Pakistani.

Remembering of course when the Poms won the cup they had 16 men on the paddock at one point in time in their pool game against Samoa.

And the foaming at the mouth UK scribes call OUR RICHIE a CHEAT, Jesus wept.


Anonymous said...

I suspect Jesus doesn't care much about rugby, he's too busy saving your sorry arse.

Raymond A Francis said...

In my local paper this sorry story was buried under a head line about a Samoan player being fined $10000 for wearing a non RWC mouth guard

The whole pommie team should be booted out of the competition
On the other hand imagine the pressure on their kicker knowing he is not going to get a favoured ball...kama it can be a bugger

Mort said...

how did they not get their points stripped for the games where they cheated?

gravedodger said...

@ Mort, just maybe it was England, its "their" game intit.
Now that Samoan who wore a non RWC mouthguard, thats $10 K ta very much.
Its all about perspective see.

Anonymous said...

He is a bloody cheat, always has been.


kevin said...

No doubt most NZer's will be backing Scotland to win this weekend. The English seemed quite unpopular even before this last debacle.

Barnsley Bill said...

GD, when the team sent by the RFU plays the antipodeans in the final and quite possibly beats them (past cup form would suggest the the RFU team will prevail) you and the rest of the antipodean legion of whingers will now have an external blame point again.
No need to thank us.
You are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Because he is. Simple. And the way kiwi's have been going on about Cooper. Jesu have you guys have rocks in your head? If you want to see nasty play have a look at this Here was NZ's chance. CHCH was on it's knees, financially the RWC could have been the fillup the country needed. Instead you just keep moaning, bitching and making people feel unwelcome.