Monday, September 26, 2011

Ahh, great battle strategy but will lose the War for sure.

As politics grapples with the awesome power of the 'Net' in delivery of the 'message', it swings violently from a powerful tool to a serious problem.

The Soviets failed to deal with it and the "wall" came down; Mubarak failed and now languishes in a cell; Gadaffi similarly and is at present AWOL; and Assad in Syria still thinks it wont happen, Ha ha ha.

The socialists have made attempts to employ the power but it is not that simple. The Party has established a propaganda arm with "Red Alert" but, unlike old Uncle Micky Joe gazing benignly from a framed picture on the living-room wall while the dulcet tones came from the wireless, the intimacy is now destroyed as the listener can come back in spades on the 'Net', and it's a "party line" you know where you can answer back.

The great power of propaganda relies on a repetitive message being delivered and regardless of the veracity or rightness of the message, as Goebbels claimed, eventually it can become 'the truth' and, with a limited ability of a contrary view, it will germinate and grow. However, not in the dark. Eventually growing things by and large need light.

Over at 'Red Alert' and its sister 'The Standard', the blog admin cannot accept the tenet of democracy, that all will not fall into line but some need to be won over, so they clumsily use the only tools of control, "moderation' and ultimately "banning," to their increasing dismay at the outcome as evidenced in the polls.

Inventory 2 of 'Keeping Stock' has suffered that fate at The Standard" a while ago and yesterday suffered the ultimate sanction at "The Red Rag". Now Iv2 puts up with some doozies at his place and is patient to a fault and it takes a lot to get him to "deletion mode", so it is a complete nonsense to employ such a sanction when his crime was only to point out a fact of historical record.

"Phil Goff was a member of the Cabinet that carried out the greatest sell off of State Owned Assets in our nations history".

One of the more annoying things of advancing years, as my Dad often pointed out, is one's skin becomes increasingly thin and vulnerable to major tracts being removed by the merest contact with an object. In my own case, while assisting family in The Bay last weekend, my pate came into contact with the safety frame of SiL's tractor and removed a portion of scalp with much accompanying blood loss.

Now it is becoming increasingly obvious that as the N Z Labour Party closes in on its 100th birthday, c2016, its skin is becoming increasingly fragile. I have not yet reached Iv2's exalted status of being "banned" at the two premier socialist blogs but I am in a moderation status at both, and DILLIGAF.

If they wish to reach out to the wider audience where their efforts will move from a closed back slapping gung ho echo chamber, to the voters they so desperately need to attract, they will need to adapt and there is precious little evidence of that. Clare, Trevor, lprent et al need to stop shooting messengers as at present there are just too many of them and many have a valid contrary point of view so the old ratio of two ears and one mouth comes to bear.


Psycho Milt said...

You mean, Labour don't publish a blog for the purpose of hosting comments from National Party supporters? I'm shocked. And stunned.

pdm said...

I too am banned at RA and had a years moderation put on in April - all for making statements of fact.

PM - the best results with communication are when it is a two way street.
Open debate strenghtens.
Censorship weakens.

No matter what and where the forum is or who runs it.

gravedodger said...

@ Milt do you not think some rebuttal or perspective argument would be a little more positive than a cudgel, just sayin.
Even just let it go, it really did happen that way. As long as PG is in the play his effigy is swinging on the gaslight for a target.

Psycho Milt said...

What communication would Labour be interested in having with people who aren't existing or potential voters? Also, I don't think IV2's belief that Goff must remain subject to the Cabinet collective responsibility of a govt that ceased existing more than 20 years ago actually constitutes debate.

Keeping Stock said...

@ Milt; Clare Curran had posted a parody "Nek minnit" video of John Key apparently flip-flopping. All I said, in the spirit of the thread (which was entitled "Nek Minute") was this:

Phil Goff sold $9b of assets in the 1980's; nek minnit...

Don't forget; Labour is campaigning hard to Stop Asset Sales. Goff's past record on asset sales and his recanting of his previous stance is surely a legitimate subject to debate.

Not on Red Alert it's not. In the meantime, we all await Trevor Mallard producing the evidence to back up the allegations he made against an academic on Friday, and against two businessmen and a trade union. I suspect it'll be a long wait; after all, Mallard still hasn't fronted up about National's 2005 "American bagman".

Labour is its own worst enemy at the moment.

pdm said...

pm - I don't know if you visit Red Alert. If you do you will have noticed the increasing number of past Labour Voters saying that their vote is going elsewhere in November.

Surely the MP's that run the blog would want to develop debate on why this is happening rather than blocking any dissenting points of view.

Judge Holden said...

You guys never ever ever delete comments or ban people do you GD? A free and open forum as long as you don't express viewpoints contrary to those of Adolt and in doing so make him look like a dolt.

gravedodger said...

@judge holden. yes I have deleted comments but only for being grossly offensive and always with the ubiquitous annonymous tag if they have the balls to put an ID to a comment I am inclined to leave it up for the "ridicule of the author" factor.
As for banning I wouldn't know where to start to put such a process in place.
lprent Mallard and Curran are only signaling their desperation as the polls continue to sag for them.
My info is that in spite of the boost they should expect from the kiwiRail restructuring both Curran in Dunedin Sth and Mallard in Hutt Sth are going south a bit themselves causing added concern.
I think their slips are showing but chin up from zero it can't get any worse as Terry the Piss found out today.