Monday, September 19, 2011

Absolutely shameful but did they care?

Erin Leigh was in a communications job at the Ministry of the Environment a few years ago. She Blew the whistle on an unseemly set of machinations in which allegedly Madelaine Setchel was shunted from a communications role in the Ministry because her Partner at the time was working in the office of opposition leader John Key.

What the socialists did to Ms Setchell was in a word appalling but entirely understandable, given their total failure to have any comprehension of anyone else's moral standards when tested against their own. They could not envision anyone having an ability to leave their work at work, loyalty to their job and employer or integrity - due to the fact that socialists are too often only guided by the mantra that the ends justify etc etc, so their every move is political.

The guts of that failure of common decency and due process came with Ms Setchell,s replacement by Ms Clare Curran, without 'due process' and ignoring any compliance with Public Service engagement rules and protocols. Ms Curran was a member of the NZLP, a member of the executive in the Otago area and had recently completed a paper, widely regarded, by the socialist hierarchy, on controlling the language and presenting the desired publicity on behalf of the Labour Party - factors that would be politically advantageous. Of course, she is now the MP for Dunedin South where one of the casualties of this sorry saga, one Benson Pope,. once held sway.

Erin Leigh rightly blew the whistle. Although she exposed the whole sorry saga to the sanitising effect of sunlight, with the denting of reputations of several figures involved, namely Cabinet ministers Benson Pope, Parker, Anderton and public servants Hugh Logan, Murray Sherwin, Mark Prebble, H2 aka Heather Simpson pushed all the smelly leftovers under the lid of the Garbage bin. As the dust was settling. along came 'Trev The Muss' aka the 2011 election campaign strategist and a convicted thug who under Parliamentary Priveledge proceeded to destroy the reputation and career of Ms Leigh in possibly the most disgusting effort ever witnessed in the House. It wasn't his fault though and he left SSC Hugh Logan to carry the can for giving Goldie Trev inadequate briefing papers.

Recently Ms Leigh won in the courts, with a decision that vindicated her position and went some way to restoring her reputation. Of course that has no effect on what Mallard did under privilege and now she is unable to take it any further for want of funding the very high legal costs - a problem not faced by that despicable figure one Clayton Weatherston.

Clearly those in power did not care and in an ironical twist, Ms Leigh recently admitted to being a Labour voter and in the first MMP election having voted for one T Mallard NZLP in Hutt South.

Repent at leisure comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Just to clarify, I voted for Mallard back in the 1987 elections when I lived in Hamilton. I was Head Prefect of Hamilton Girls High School at the time and a first time voter. I invited Mallard who stood for Hamilton West, along with the local National candidate, to the school so they could present their polices to all the 7th formers. I remember talking to Trevor Mallard afterwards and he said I had a 'promising future' so I voted for him. Hmm!

E Leigh said...

P.S 'Anonymous said' is actually me (Erin Leigh). Cheers Erin :)

gravedodger said...

Thankyou for the correction Erin and all the best to you and yours.
I just thought it appropriate to give it some air following your eventual and much deserved victory.
Cheers Murray.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Really appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Erin and they wonder why they are polling so low they just dont see it. All the best

The Veteran said...

It's the lack of guts and personal integrity that even now 'they' can't bring themselves to apologise that really gets to me.

And 'they' wonder why they are 28% in the polls and tracking south.

Mallard and Parker. Hang your heads in shame or better still ..........

Inventory2 said...

And to think that Clare Curran was fast-tracked into Parliament in the wake of this; cess-pit socialism knows no bounds