Friday, August 26, 2011


It was with great sadness I learned of the death of Graeme Moody at the age of 60.
Graeme was one of a very few commentators/ analysts who as well as knowing his subject thoroughly also had a natural ability to tell what he saw without editorialising or projecting.

My sincere condolences to his widow, work mates and the army of friends who are left mourning his untimely passing.
I also wish the same to the family and comrades of Corporal Doug Grant who died while serving his country in Afganistan.

Graeme Moody was one of a rare breed who stay with the wireless as their medium and do not move to the seemingly more exaulted personna of the small screen "star".

His accuracy and professionalism was no better rated than by the many of us when we shut off the inane sound of the TV show ponies, many of whom thought themselves the center of attention, and used Moods' commentary to supplement the visuals.

However after enduring the Newstalk ZB program from 08 30 till 1200 dedicated to a tribute to Graeme Moody, I was left a little bemused.
Graeme died indulging his passion for Surfing in conditions that have been variously described as Challenging and worse. IMO he misjudged and lost the gamble.

Compared with the other big tragedy of recent days his death is nowhere the enormity of Corporal Grant whose life was taken by a killer, while at work, on behalf of his country, hence my bemusement.
Of course Graeme Moody's death was tragic and very personal for his work colleagues but was it of such moment to have the highest rating Wireless show dedicate three and a half hours to it, sorry I don't think so. and I can't help wondering what Graeme Moody would have thought of it all.

RIP Graeme "Moods" Moody, 60, you were indeed a legend.

RIP Corporal Douglas Grant, 41, Your sacrifice was awesome and I am grateful for it.


Inventory2 said...

I disagree Gravedodger/ The staff at Newstalk ZB in Wellington are a close and tight-knit team. This was their way of saying "goodbye" to Moodz, and the most sincere tribute to a loved and respected colleague. One only had to hear the emotion in the voices of Sean Plunkett (a hard-bitten old hack) and Sue Bergen, Moodz' long-time sparring partner to realise how much Moody meant to these people.

I thought it was some of the nbest radio that I've heard for some time, and of there's one thing that Graeme Moody always strived for, it was to be the best. RIP Moodz.

gravedodger said...

A fair assessment from your perspective Iv2, I guess my main point of difference is that normally we, with limited access to other than our small minded, close horizon, largely irrelevant provincial wireless normally ignores the network each day for that three and a half hours no matter what the unfolding events on the national or international stage may be.
We enjoyed a brief flurry with the real world until the Troughmaster General made his doomed drive on the mayoralty' then for reasons best known to the hacks in our city we suddenly had to go all provincial again.
With 1017 and 1098 AM now supplemented by FM 100.5 around the actual city, I would have thought there was an opportunity to give those who may wish to be part of the national scene that option.
While I accept your view, I don't resile from my Post in any way, that said GM's very large presence in sport journalism will be apparent for some time, sadly.
Cheers M