Tuesday, August 16, 2011


As Adolf wends his way to Fiji the Veteran and Mrs Veteran are in the final stages of packing prior to our departure for the UK at the weekend.

I can report the ritual of trying to persuade memsahib that no, we do not need to take the kitchen sink, is in full play. We try to make it over there every two years or so to leech off our son and daughter-in-law and teach New Zealandese to the grandchildren.

Our son is a fairly senior officer in the British military and his Mess, just outside of Portsmouth, was Eisenhower's D-Day Headquarters. The Map Room (not open to the public) has been preserved exactly as it was on D-Day and I will be checking that out as well as Ike's bedroom, where he reputedly worked on forging new relationships with the British via his driver, Kate Summersby.

While Mrs Veteran disappears 'Oop North' to visit friends I will spend some time in London on a refurbished barge moored at Canary Wharf owned by a good friend Bret Bestic. Bret is well known to anyone who served in the NZ Army. He commanded our Battalion in Singapore 1979-80 and retired as a Brigadier after a distinguished military career. He later served as the 'Governor' of Paremoremu Prison but for the last decade or so has travelled the world working for the United Nations as a point man for the UN Food Programme.

Have visited the Imperial War Museum before but intend going back there as well as having a first time look at Churchill's wartime bunker cum cabinet office.

So my blogging will be taking second place unless Winston manages to roll Phil or ACT do a 'come back Rodney, all is forgiven' or John Key is caught in bed with Sue Bradford (or should that be if anyone is caught in bed with Sue Bradford?).


gravedodger said...

If this post had to Pass the Film Censor then it would fail on account of GROSS INDECENCY, even the bed probably has to be sedated.

gravedodger said...

Btw bon voyage Vet you will have some great tales to tell.

pdm said...

Enjoy mr & mrs vet.

sagenz said...

heh - I remember Bret Bestic as a young officer cadet. He turned up at a passing out function in Waiouru and I asked him (politely thank god) who he was. "The commandant of the camp".

I work in Canary wharf so if you get time and fancy a chat about NZ/ national politics send me an email

Anonymous said...

Was H.M.S. Dryad when I was there 1959.

2 great pubs in the village.

Have one for me ..