Monday, August 22, 2011


The part leader of the anti business Greens has come out with another attack on the productive.

In a solution to a nonexistent problem he is proposing a new tax on farmers using water to grow grass at an average of around $40 000 per irrigated farm.

Now as Ele at Homepaddock rightly points out Irrigators are already paying a very high price for water at present, in allocation costs, delivery costs, compliance costs and obstacles put in place by officials and other Nimbys using the RMA to make trouble.

On the face of it, Red Rusell's proposed tax on a minority of 'rich pricks' for electoral appeal to the masses, will tax all water use regardless of any cost of supply.
The irrigator who 'harvests and stores' water on his property at great cost will pay the same 'rich prick' tax as the one who just puts a suction hose in a stream that runs through his property.

In the 70s I baulked at the very high cost Waipara scheme that allowed the establishment of the successful viticultural revolution on account of my weak financial position at that time. Any irrigation development is always fraught and this stupid, poorly thought out cynical attack on the productive sector is typical of the very poor understanding of how we, as a nation are paying the bills.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Wusel made a mistake.

Charging for water undermines the Greens argument that water is a public good and that society has the right to regulate its use by private users.

Murray said...

What we REALLY need is an Aussie Ginga tax.

Anonymous said...

Charging for water is a major mistake.There are a bunch of people like those involved in water forum report that are creating a whole new industry with water.
Coupled with that the 'claim' of ownership by Maori and then idiots like Smith who is hitting producers with enormous costs of metering that is going to achieve absolutely nothing but create a bureaucratic nightmare and further costs in rates and charges.
It is actually a serious issue but no-one understands enough to stand up and fight it.

Anonymous said...

As ineffectual as National are, the day that Labour and these flat-Earth no-growth environmental Marxist nutjobs (aka the Greens) join forces and start running the country, the place is screwed.