Saturday, August 20, 2011


I earlier posted on the appropriateness of the EQC to be the provider of cover in a disaster when most of their focus is on collection of the levies and investing them with no ability to perform risk analysis or assessment of damage.
I suggested the EQC be a reinsurer and leave policy, risk assessment and assessor functions at the 'coalface'to the primary insurer.

Nothing in watching their performance revealed has changed that view. Personally we are still waiting for an assessment of the damage we sustained in the September 4th quake.

Far too many claims have been settled without regard to depreciation, deferred maintenance and cover paid for damage that had zero connection to any of the four main events but were paid out for anyway by hastily employed staff whose standards of performance had no fairness or equity in the outcome.

Now the survivors and families of the victims of the PGC building collapse are being denied the right to claim for personal possession lost in the demolished building as they cannot produce "The CERA paperwork confirming the building has been demolished".
The main problem is that the site was cleared by contractors working under the direction of the Civil Defense bureaucrats before CERA was established.

The "PRAT" who is making this idiotic stand should be named, shamed and placed in the stocks.

As Nick Walls a very lucky survivor, the last extricated alive from the wreckage, said it is offensive he can be pretty conservative in his comments our Nick, but that is an understatement.

I am unable to find a site photo of 233 Cambridge Tce but if that prick could just take a look in his/her lunch break he/she might just work that out quite easily, and take a couple of pics for the file, as it has been cleared..


dad4justice said...

Why don't the corrupt CCC and Cera reveal the cost of Christchurch's building demolition paid out to the Auckland firm Resource Co-ordination Partnership? The EQC is a rort and the "bureaucratic nonsense" will be the death of the city. Thanks fat guts Brownlee and Bob Each Way Parker!!
You scum are so greedy.

Majid Ali said...
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Tinman said...

Pity the administrator didn't remove the first post as well. The blog would smell better.

I admit to a small concern about this.

My understanding, bolstered by comments made to me by the head of EQC, is that EQC covers only domestic premises and commercial premises are covered by the building owners/leasees.

Why then should EQC pay for property lost in business premises?

gravedodger said...

Agree Tinman re the first post but I left it in the hope that its author might sniff the odour for himself and it was more or less on topic . It did come close for the reasons you said, I would ask d4j to take note.

As to your second point, you are correct in what you say but the personal possessions would have been claimed under a contents of home policy and the reason for the refusal of the claim was not the cover aspect but the lack of "documentation" as to the demolition.

Anonymous said...

"I suggested the EQC be a reinsurer and leave policy, risk assessment and assessor functions at the 'coalface'to the primary insurer"

Fair enough but the problem re people on the ground remains. I am involved in CHCH but not with EQC. I am not based in CHCH but am snowed under (no pun) to a point where my health is being affected. The light at the end of the tunnel is the train bringing more work that I simply cannot delegate as there is no-one left to give it to.

gravedodger said...

anon 1 32, that is why WE have not made a clamour to get our claim settled so far. We are aware of the workload and as we can survive with our 'damage' for years we only worry that when they get to us the waste and over settling will have led to a harder attitude and we will be disadvantaged.
Cheers and get some balance in your work or just take some leave if possible as your departing from overwork in any circumstances will make an almost impossible situation worse.
It is a very stressful and unique situation.
thanks for the contribution.
cheers M

Flashman said...

EQC is basically tooled up to deal with the effects of minor earthquakes, hillside slips and the odd sinkhole.

Regional disasters are way above its pay-grade. That much is obvious.

dad4justice said...

EQC twots are a waste of taxpayer dollars, $1.3 billion on "bureaucratic nonsense" so far and the nanny government rort mongers go happy clappy with all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
FFS, poor Christchurch folks are getting shafted by National and their greedy sod mates.Go ask anybody in the red zone what they think of the lost the plot gummint suck holes!!
This is corruption on a GRAND SCALE.
History will prove me correct. Thanks John,Gerry and Bob!!!

Mort said...

D4J: the thing that is getting on the redzoner's goat is that despite being paid out generously the simple fact is that they have nowhere they can buy equivalent property in CHC. This is something that CERA could remedy, under the powers that Brownlee gave to them, but for some reason they would rather play by bureaucratic nonsensical rules, namely the RMA, and CCC. If CERA grew a pair, they could just rail-road through rezoning and have 50000 sections approved for development inside of 3 weeks. Construction could start within 6-8. Minimal consent development costs would need to front-ended onto the sections. The cost of supply would be slashed and the possibility to rebuild shattered lives would be pushed forward...
if only the political will power were present for such a move

dad4justice said...

Indeed Mort the longer the dysfunctional clowns in goverment leave it - the more people affected will be stressing out over a situation that could be fixed by a person with a braincell?

Is pathetic CERA and all the other gummint prunes on the huge payroll paid to drive people from the region?

Or they got mates that are property developers? Ouch that hurt John and Gerry. You bent sods!

History will reveal the truth.