Monday, August 15, 2011

Someone Got It Wrong

My pick is the broad.

Reporting on the Gnats conference, here is Tracy Watkins.

But it also appears to have done a poor selling job among its own members with Finance Minister Bill English facing questions from party members during a public session of the National Party conference in Wellington today.

Apparently two delegates stood up during a question and answer session and asked some questions about the proposed share sale process. Just two people out of 600. Lefty journos shouldn't try so hard to help their political mates.

Reporting on a different Gnats conference in the same city on the same day, here is John Armstrong.

You would have found more signs of life in an ancient, long-sealed burial crypt than could be discerned during the greater portion of the National Party's dreary weekend conference.

Here's the takeaway quote from the astute John Armstrong:

The policy has "winner" stamped all over it - at least in electoral terms. It will find favour with many middle-ground voters turned off by Labour's capital gains tax.

It is the kind of policy that a lateral-thinking Labour Party should have been promoting to confound its critics and shed once and for all its lingering image of political correctness in order to recapture some of the huge number of male voters who have switched to National.

I must say exactly the same thought crossed Adolph's mind as the policy was being announced.


gravedodger said...

IMO there is a serious danger in that what I see as a logical step in giving private investors a genuine investment opportunity in real securities is being subverted by the socialists and their repeater mates when they promulgate the partial float as a selloff of the assets.
I hope the TWO who questioned the policy were patsys and not symtomatic of what Watkins alleges.

baxter said...

Is Tracy WATKINS related to a Tim WATKINS who is a left wing advocate periodically on Larry WILLIAMS talkback show and who produces the left biased Q + A on Sundays.

Johnno said...