Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As the parties complete their "Party Lists" that are supposed to give a broad appeal to the electorate, the Idiocy of selection begins to portray the inanity of selecting the 'inadequate', in the mistaken belief it will enhance the 'Brand'.

Long time union Hack Andrew Little who firmly believes that as he has had a large bunch of socialists hanging on his every word he is a potential labour leader.

Ex Federated Farmers National President Don Nicolson, Don who, after a few years as chief lobbyist for primary producers, a collective that sensibly don't leave a name in that position for too long, has invited himself into the running for a top spot on the ACT list.

Ex labour party member, avowed lesbian, part Maori relatively young Claudette Hauiti is said to be being considered for a prominent place on the National list.

Ex everythings John Minto, Sue Bradford and assorted other 'so far left flotsam' have attached their wagons to the racist Nga North man of the moment.

The more demeaning outcome of MMP brings these wannabes to the list without any scrutiny of real ability to sit in the bighouse where their collective abilities will be abused, harnessed, or bribed to maintain longterm pollies in power and maybe, just maybe some may actually contribute something of value to the Nation.

Whether one is a supporter of MMP, FFP or any other system used, the total lack of assessment by exposure to the real voters allows mediocrity to flourish.
It is one thing to convince by effort, commitment and contribution as an aspiring Polly as required in the FFP system where most candidates had to serve an apprenticeship as a candidate in a hopeless cause where they were able to prove themselves.
I have vivid memories of Derek Quigley going up against Mabel Howard in Sydenham, a labour seat that would have required a swing of around 80% to change, but after a couple of vain if enthusiastic attempts he was deemed suitable and fit to succeed Bill Gillespie in Rangiora.
By then he had established his credentials in the party. That Falloon and the others lost their bottle when he tried to reign in the excesses of Muldoon is another story, I know who I would want in my corner in a crunch.

So we have the rather degrading spectacle of wannabes prostituting themselves in pursuit of a place at the trough with scant regard of their fitness to carry out the role.
A union Hack who is going to make the transformation from Cloth Cap to Top Hat.
A rainbow warrior who wants us to believe she only joined Labour for research purposes, yeah right.
A Farmer who hasn't worn red bands in the shit for years wanting to wear English Brogues to work.
And a bunch of Radical protestors who want more access to the Trough in the bighouse.

And most think MMP is the best system, I say BULLSHIT to that.


WWallace said...

Under FPP, Andrew Little would've contrived (via union votes for candidate selection) a candidacy in a safe Labour electorate. Thus FPP is no guarantee that idiots cannot enter Parliament.

Under FPP, all the non-Labour voters residing in such a safe Labour seat have no say in who represents them, or who runs the country, as they would be out-voted by the "I always vote Labour" brigade. Thus FPP is relatively unrepresentative.

MMP might be a dog. But FPP is a dodo.

A better posting would extol the virtues of a BETTER VOTING SYSTEM, with reasons.

1st wife said...

how could you denigrade the regal dachy, they give great value for money

Psycho Milt said...

I know that you were around when we elected MPs only via FPP Gravedodger, so am left wondering how you failed to notice the Parliament full of thickos, timeservers and party hacks that we had at the time.

If anything it was worse then than it is now, thanks (as wwallace points out) to the existence of safe seats. And in fact, the very existence of safe seats indicates that this pretence of voters carefully selecting the best candidate is a load of old cobblers - they vote for the party, not for whichever ambitious cretin the party's put up for the seat.

James Stephenson said...

Which is why IMO, we should have electorate-only MPs, primaries and preferential voting.

Mort said...

If you want to improve the quality of the people in Parliament, make them do it for free.

Evan said...

This is a very shallow article and even Psycho Milt is onto it on this occasion!!

There are some outrageous characters running for various seats - but don't forget that either the parties require a seat or 5% must be achieved.

(1) Andrew Little deserves a high ranking for Labour. They need him in there now! Either a safe seat or a high list placing would suit.

(2) If John Banks wins electorate for ACT, he should drag in Don Brash and maybe a few other National stooges. If Hone Harawira wins, he should drag in the likes of Annette Sykes and John Minto. NEITHER should happen. We don't need the Electorate waiver. This is an improvement needed, not a reason to drop MMP.

(3) Psycho Milt is correct to say that we have timeservers, party hacks, caucus fodder galore under FPP.

I see no compelling reason to ditch MMP.

Anonymous said...

The only really bright one not mentioned here is the dog.I would have voted for i,but the idiot smokes so i might pass.

Anonymous said...

"If you want to improve the quality of the people in Parliament, make them do it for free."

My God you're right Mort!. We all know that the independently wealthy always make the best overlords. Tardo.