Saturday, August 27, 2011

Send him home, cut him from the squad and say goodbye.

Sonny Bill Williams.
On the eve of the last pre RWC game we are seeing the great one's spokespeople whinging about sponsorship, contracts and unfait treatment.
I wonder is there a more over-hyped and over paid player ever to have pulled on the black shirt.
negotiating through the media is the last thing needed as the team prepares for the most important series of games any of them will ever play.
With his best mate and agent is there any wonder it is coming down to this

The team do not need him or Mundine. Tell him to piss off NFRFU. And do it before the tournament kicks off.


Anonymous said...

You have hit the nail on the head. The man thinks he is indispensable. Over-hyped is perhaps the best description of his switch to rugby. The NZRFU must act now before he poisons the team. He seems out of his depth at the top level, perhaps he was named in the team to keep the 'female supporters' happy? Now ducking before I am accused of sexism etc...

Lou Taylor said...

Sonny Bill Who?

pdm said...

It is a shame he has got himself surrounded by a bunch of fools and blockheads because he is actually a bloody good rugby player. Have a look at his effort last week:

* 15 tackles - only Adam Thompson made more.
* made the pass that opened the defence up for the try.
* No turnovers that I saw.
* No penalties given away.
* Took the ball to the defence on a number of occasions, particularly towards the end of the game.
* Sound positional play right through the game.

Compare those stats with how Nonu does tonight.

I was very sceptical about SBW
him going straight into the All Blacks but he has proved himself to my critical eye and should be starting at 12.

He needs to get rid of the drongoes around him and get a new management team. Martin Sneddon won't have anything to do in a few weeks so how about him.

The Veteran said...

pdm....good post.

jabba said...

the thing with SBW and the money/contract issue surrounding our top players is a reason I'm enjoying the ITM cup so much more than the Super (10,12 or 15). I'm watching blokes WANTING to play rugby and having the odd fight

pdm said...

jabba - I am with you on that. There have been some really good games and the fluctuating results have kept the interest right up.

The one disappaointment has been a lot of poor refereeing. There seems to be a lot of refs that are not consistent to say the least. An exception is Glen Jackson who if he keeps it up will be NZ's best ref by the end of next season.

Anonymous said...

But he is ok when he scores tries though huh