Monday, August 22, 2011


No cigar again.

ChrisP and cadwallader two correct.

MikeG 1 from 1

1 Queen Elizabeth Oval in Masterton the trees are the givaway.

2 Hon Ben Couch, All Black in the late Forties and Maori AB. Three terms for National 70s/80s Wairarapa and Minister of Police and Maori affairs in Muldoon Govt.

3 Jacks Blowhole at the northern area of The Catlins. A non accessible sea cave that runs 200m into pasture land and the part visible in the pic is quite intimidating in the unbridled power as one views it from the safety of the structure. Well worth the trek, more of a surge chamber and doesn't 'Spout' afaik.

4 Waitaki Dam. The first structure to harness the Waitaki worth a stop as the construction details are pretty inspiring when the dates are considered.

5 Rakaia Gorge Bridge. Yes again to the two sharing success the very unique construction and the date of construction the main features, the only example of the system I am aware of.

Thankyou for taking the time.

Will try again next Sunday, hopefully.


Anonymous said...

Had I been in time I'd have got just one - the Waitaki Dam.

pdm said...

I would have got Ben Couch from the clue.

Is Queen Elizabeth Park the main Rugby Ground in Masterton?

If it is then I played for the Hawkes Bay Juniors when it was officially opened on Queens Birthday Monday 1964. We suffered the ignominy of the first loss to Wairarapa Juniors for something like 20 years. Brent Elder was the opposing halfback and he controllled the game - worse players than he became All Blacks. I played at 2nd 5 and we had Geoff Martin who went on to play for the North Islanda few years later at first five.

gravedodger said...

No pdm the rugby HQ is Memorial Park further south on Dixon towards Kuripuni.
The Cricket oval is in the park at the north end of Dixon and is a very picturesque cricket ground.
BTW Brent was a mate, I sold him his ranch at Whareama when doing the Real Estate thingy to keep the farm in the late 80s. we also shared a boss in the 60s when he was in Canterbury He in the Port Hills and I was in Cheviot.

pdm said...

Small world GD. I would have to confess to not knowing him at all except maybe we were in a group having a beer at the after match. Wairarapa were celebrating we probably only wanted to go home - lol.