Saturday, August 20, 2011


Stuff is running a poll on "Do you support Benefit Cards"

I accept that these polls are non scientific and with that question, very poorly worded.

The surprise for me was with the established tendency for any group to skew a result, this poll is running at a clear margin of 76.4 yes to 22.6 against.

I cannot help wondering if it would be any more emphatic if the question included the specific targeting of the proposed system instead of all benefits as the question suggests.


Mort said...

The people who have to fund the benefits want some responsibility shown by the recipients, and so having the rent and bills auto-paid is seen as a good thing. It will save the taxpayer money if we are able to stop the emergency benefit cash haemorrhaging

SHG said...

It's a Sunday. Those poll respondents are all oldies thinking they're voting for the Seniors "Free Ferries To Waiheke" Gold Card.