Saturday, August 20, 2011


On our way to China and. while I said in an earlier post that I would be standing back from posting while I was away unless "Winston rolled Phil", the TransTasman Report that, last week, Phil floated with the Labour front bench that he should quit is almost in that category

Even more telling was the response from one front bencher who reportedly said "Phil, it's up to you". The Labour Leader might have expected a modicum of support (never mind loyalty) although the lines of 'no, no, trying to push shit up hill is a big ask and we're right behind you'.

Instead all he got was 'here's the knife if you want to do the honourable thing and we won't bother calling an ambulance'.

This is devastating for Labour just 13 weeks out from the election and maybe, just maybe, my tongue in cheek 'Winston rolls Phil' scenario is not.

p.s. It matters not a jot that on Stuff, PG denied the report. What else could he do?


Psycho Milt said...

the TransTasman Report that, last week, Phil floated with the Labour front bench that he should quit is almost in that category

Actually, it's in the category of "right-wing bloggers float yet another self-invented rumour re Goff's leadership." Goff having to deny the rumour = mission accomplished.

This latest example of the category is described very well over at the Dim Post.

Anonymous said...

Any evidence for this rumour? No? None? Good on you repeating it though. You'll get a nice little pat on the head at the next tory gathering.

The Veteran said...

So, TansTasman is a 'right-wing blogger!!??

I'm sure they will be fascinated to find that out.

Real question is which one of the Labour front benchers leaked the thing to the journo.

Almost feel sorry for Phil. With 'loyal' supporters like this turkey who needs enemies?

BBQ time at Winston's place.

kevin said...

It looks as though the 'don't come Monday' will be after the election. They will be looking for a scapegoat. Goff will be it. He will take one for the team and disappear.

Anonymous said...

"So, TansTasman is a 'right-wing blogger!!??"

No, it's a shabby right-wing leaflet with little or no credibility, and only a marginally more trustworthy source than No Minister or Slater.

Budgieboy said...

And the Tracy Watkins?

The Dominion Post?


Through all the shit you want Anon - this is a valid and significant story.

Anonymous said...

What would happen if Goff did decide to quit and no one in Labour volunteered for the leadership?

COuld they go into the election with no leader - wuld be unusual indeed.

Maybe they could do an Act and find some fool outside of PArliament to be their leader - or maybe a dead possum?

The mind boggles really - obviously everyone is running scared of the leadership.

Psycho Milt said...

So, TansTasman is a 'right-wing blogger!!??

Is there some sense in which it isn't one?

The Veteran said...

PM ... well, when they report news favorable to the Labour Party they're Gods gift to creation.

You can't have it both ways old son.

Personally I don't think that blaming the messenger is overly bright.

Ever heard of the Emperor and the clothes story?