Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The most alarming facet for the labour hierarchy following the absolutely disastrous outburst by the great communicator, is clothing it in an ignorant response. Her rage on treachery and lack of effort and commitment of labour votors as expressed in so many places in the internet both onside and offside has revealed a multitude of commenters claiming to be deserting to the greens this November.
It is not necessaryly a true perspective but one adage of Political loyalty that is unchanged with MMP is the truism of pissing off a supporter to motivate their departure from the team is very often irreversible.

Has the Hon Member for Dunedin South been dabbling with a bit of the not so good Kronic, or is it just a meltdown in response to the dilemma facing so many in Harry Hollands Dream Team c2011.

IMHO the insanity of doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is the issue and it is madness not to react to the obvious.
The very nice man is so much of their problem for many reasons and destruction of their party is real.

I would have thought that this is a perfect opportunity for a street fighter such as Old Blue Jones, Full steam ahead and dam the torpedoes.


Anonymous said...

Jones was OK with the public paying for his wanking material. Jones has no credibility. He's just a fucken dirty old man.

PM of NZ said...
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PM of NZ said...

The notion of Jones 'getting up a head of steam' is fraught with disgust, but then when you have nothing to lose, might as well give it a go before he is forcibly ejected in Dec.

Blair said...

...or forcibly ejaculated :-P

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the real test will be whether or not Labour polls lower than the Nats did in 2002. Im thinking of opening a book on this. And also a book on the Greens getting a record poll and numbers in the House.


David said...

There is no way Jones can do it, imagine campaigning with him shaking hands and kissing babies.
He only fessed up and apologized because he had no other choice, he tried bullshitting to start but in the Ned it was the evidence of his hotel bill that finally forced a labour MP to be honest.

jabba said...

Jones would need backing from his fellow MP's .. how many votes would he get?