Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Boarding Call

I see that very astute young reporter from the SST has been staking out Takapuna bistro/bars again.

This time he caught Tree Pisser and Horse Wankerer, leaving after a hefty five hour consultation on the forthcoming election campaign and the virtues of assorted $100 per bottle shiraz and pinot griz.

Poor old Winston. Once they were outside, he didn't realise until too late that Williams was just behind him.

"SNAP" went the camera, as realisation soaked in.

No tree in Northshore will be safe.


Anonymous said...

Priceless Adolf

Mrs Danvers

Mort said...

hahaha, who picked up the bill? With no ministerial credit card, or Mayoral trough fund to pilfer from... perhaps old tree dribbler was looking for the other half of the bill.

Anonymous said...

Graham Capill is out just in time for the act party list announcement. Coincidence?