Sunday, August 28, 2011


A sports ground, three scenes and a Polly.


Chris Bird said...

1 Basin Reserve
5 David Cagill

Anonymous said...

1 Basin Reserve
2 Skippers Canyon
3 Wairarapa
4 (Guess) Waimakariri headwaters?
5 David Caygill.


homepaddock said...

1. Um.
2. High country maybe South ISland.
3. Possibly North Island.
4. South Island glacier-fed river.
5. David Caygill.

pdm said...

1. Basin Reserve
2. Somewhere up the Booeye.
3. Not quite as far up the booeye.
4. Bridge to nowhere/
5. Caygill.

Ray said...

1 Basin Reserve
2 Looking down on the Nevis Bluff & Gibbston valley (there is a rubbish dump in there too)
3 North Island, Wairarapa
4 Glacier river but not one I been up
5 David Cagill

Allan R said...

Number 2 is taken from one of the many laybys on the Cadrona Valley Road over the Crown range. It looks back to the West toward Queenstown.

Allan R said...

1, the Basin Reserve and 5, David Caygill.

Allan R said...

Photo 3 looks like Hanmer Springs. Possibly taken from Medway Road.