Monday, August 29, 2011


Chris Bird and cadwallader came in early with 1 and 5,followed by Homepaddock with a bit of logic.
When I checked at around 4.30 I was a little depressed then later Ray weighed in with the solution to pic 2.
When I revisited before writing this Alan R had won the echocolate fish with 4 of the five who although with the right answer to 2 even if a little off with the camera site.
Pic 4 was included as a result of ChrisP's effort on 'Jacks Blowhole' last week.


1 Basin Reserve "R A Vance Stand".
2 A view of the Kawarau Gorge taken from the top of Mt Difficulty, If you Google Map 'The Kawarau Gorge Otago', you get the rather convulated track where at the Cromwell end it does a large horse shoe past the "Roaring Meg", Mt Difficulty is the high point in the center of that large horseshoe. We drove to the top where there is a transmitter station, via the Bannockburn bridge from Cromwell.
3 Alan got it from what was a poor photo, though missed the camera site by a couple of Kms. Hanmer Springs across the Hanmer Plain from a saddle on the Amuri Range to the north of Mt Leslie or Leslie Peak, looking to Where Jacks Pass road takes you over into the Clarence and The Amuri Ski Area.
4 A shot of The Hokitika Gorge, a scenic spot well worth a visit.
5 Hon David Caygill Min of Finance and currently a commissioner of ECan.

Many thanks to those who take the time and build the solution.
Hopefully another five next Sunday.

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And I knew that I had seen the bridge but it wouldn't come out of the memory bank at that late hour.