Monday, August 15, 2011


I thought I was going to have to fire up the 2 Kw Honda generator but the power has just been restored. Looks like around 60mm on my deck, might post some pics later.

PMofNZ was top again but no echocfish.

1 Akaroa Lighthouse, no longer on the East Head but relocated to a headland just south of the Cruising Club in the inner harbour. Sadly the mechanism was damaged in the Sept quake but will be restored by the little band of helpers.

2 South Rangatiki Viaduct built as part of the Mangaweka deviation around 1980 when the old Mangaweka Viaduct was dismantled. Those foundation structures were still visible when I last travelled the SH1.

3 Cooks Gardens Wanganui.

4 Opuha Dam Control gates NE of Fairlie just off the Geraldine Highway, well worth a visit for an example of a private enterprise river flow augmentation system when water is released into the tributary of the Opihi river to allow summer irrigation use, maintain adequate flows and generate power to the grid as a bonus.

5 Sir Ronald Algie a past Minister of Education in the Holland Government later a distinguished Speaker of the NZ Parliament.

So no cigar people but thanks for taking part. Next Sunday we will do it again


Tinman said...


I was living in South Canterbury when the then under construction Opuha Dam collapsed flooding Pleasant Point and parts east.

Interesting times.

gravedodger said...

Thanks Tinman spelling corrected it was very earlie and more than a little chilly.

Tinman said...

Can relate to the "chilly" GD.

Day off for me - I've seen ChCh drivers.