Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holiday Mode

Adolf and The Cook fly out for Fiji at 0605 tomorrow morning so, it's light blogging for the next three weeks. (Adolf booked a cab to the airport six weeks ago and today found there was no record of the booking. Thus did the local cab company toss away $240 worth of revenue.)

The Cook has been practicing drinking gin and tonics for a week.

I might get near a cafe once or twice a week to see what follies Goff, Gillard and the BAJA have been up to. But then again, I might not - that's the beauty of Fiji. Don't worry about today when there's always tomorrow.

It used to be just a short hop from Auckland - two hours fifty but this time there's an hour and a half to Melbourne and then five hours to Nadi. When we decided a couple of years ago to move here, Virgin was operating a bi-weekly direct flight from Adelaide to Nadi but that was discontinued some time ago.

Oh well, it's just another day tacked on at each end.

We've been going to the same spot now for over fifteen years. A timeshare called Malololailai Lagoon Resort, on Plantation Island, about ten miles off the coast at Nadi.

When we first visited it was pretty primitive.
  • You took the island ferry and were literally dropped off, along with your luggage, at sea into a long boat.
  • The place was surrounded by mosquito and cane toad infested swamp.
  • No swimming pool.
  • There were three pretty basic resorts, Plantation, Musket Cove and Malololailai Time Share
  • The island was pretty much undeveloped, with no houses outside the resorts.
Now the swamps are drained and turned into canals with myriad flash houses. Owen Glen has a place on top of the hill. There is a new resort up the other end of the island. Pretty swanky apparently. No kids allowed. Flash houses have sprung up all over the place but seem largely to be unoccupied.

Still a great place to go. That's the time share in the foreground, with Musket Cove Resort mid-frame(you can see the general store by the marina) and away in the distance, the start of Plantation Resort.

No radio, no TV, no wireless internet, no loud vehicle exhausts, the beer tastes great, three or four 'good' restaurants, a big communal barbecue, the lagoon is fabulous when the tide's in and there's a big swimming pool.

The local store sells all the groceries you need at slightly inflated prices but we always stay on the mainland for a couple of nights beforehand and stock up on meat, booze and dry groceries.

One of the very best buys in the Nadi supermarket last time was a 5kg bag of Punja's long grain white rice for something like $NZ$0.70 per kg. We'll live on stir fries (with out own cooking facilities) and maybe eat out just once or twice. And there'll be a bag or rice in the return luggage.

Anyway, you guys and gals enjoy your snow.

Thursday morning at 1100 hrs I'll be sipping on a G & T under a coconut palm down by the lagoon, thinking fond thoughts of all those irate, illiterate and incoherent commenters who will have nothing to do for three weeks.


pdm said...

Ni sa bula vinaka

Fiji Bitter is among the best beers in the world.


sa moce

gravedodger said...

How many G&Ts for A$240
Don't get sunstroke.
Maintain fluids.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Not much risk of that with max temps ranging from 27 to 30 degrees.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

pdm it is absolutely just right for Fiji. Although I was a bit deflated on driving to Suva in 1992 to see the brewery emblazoned with Carlton United.

pdm said...

Actually I think Carlton bought it from Ragg's while I was in Suva in the mid 70's. Hugh (I think that is right) Ragg stayed on and ran it - he may still have been there in 1992 but I don't know for sure.


You have a great time Adolf.
And do give the Cook a rest from cooking.
And yes, the Fiji Beer was good, but the rum was lethal and very cheap.