Sunday, August 21, 2011

Graham Henry owes me a good nights sleep

Trying to get my nine year old interested in Rugby took a massive step backwards tonight.
What I have just watched was basically every All Black world cup loss * distilled down into one game.
I know the rockstars are at home wrapped in their duvets but that was like watching super fit idiots play against old, hard geniuses.
It is now evident to all of us that SBW is there for the sponsors and without the Carter Mccaw combo we are not very good.
You know it is bad when you wish Nonu was playing and the commentators start screaming because a try scored from a forward pass was disallowed.

* Except 91. That was the old players thinking they just had to turn up and Hart sticking his fudge in Grizz Wylies peanut butter.


gravedodger said...

That is one of the better summaries I have seen yet BB.
I am still Mystified at some of Clancey's rulings, and Adam Thompson had probably the most confusing game of his life.
I have found myself humming "And Clancy Lowered The Boom" since I woke Up.
When asked months ago if the ABs would win the RWC my reply was and still is if the ref allows us to, definitely Yes. Nothing has changed.
I will be interested as to the outcome of the blatant ignoring of the rules re Cowan's "no try" by the TMO and the idiot Irishman.
When I viewed the replay of Thompson's penalty when as the 'tackler' he stood where he was and picked up the ball that the saffa had placed at his feet and picked it up, what he actually did wrong within the current rules.
Do we move to a "review system" and allow two challenges that are rejected per half.Then again on Feldman's effort last night it would not have made any difference.

The only comment I would add to your accurate summation of sonny bill Bob's effort is to question what did last night add to the knowledge for the selectors last night except to say that Cruden,s effort yesterday for the Turbos must have made for more confusion than solutions.
Cheers M.

Anonymous said...

I wondered how long it would take a kiwi to start blaming the ref. Oh God we are going to have to put up with you lot blaming everything after you choke in the world cup yet again. Why dont you change your rugby team name to the Greg Normans or the Harlem Globetrotters ? Like the Aussie golfer and the basket ball show team, when it comes to the real thing, you have to find some-one else to blame.

Gravedodger I pissed myself laughing at your post. Not only are you blaming this ref, you started blaming the world cup refs in case you lose.

At a dinner party recently people were asking about negative traits attributed to nations. You know the thing, Aussie corruption, South African boxheads, Pommie whinging. The suggestion was made that the kiwi trait of always blaming some-one else was put forward, when the only kiwi piped up, "what do you expect when the ref blows against us or we get poisoned..." He could not see why we were all rolling around laughing.

Anonymous said...

And GD do a little math. Even with a converted try the score would have been? Or are you going to do the other great kiwi loser thing of "yeah but that might have changed the whole outcome of the game..."

It is like saying that if Goff did not pose with the donkey's it would have changed the whole outcome and Labour would win a landslide.

All I can say is you will have to come up with some great excuses because like a true champion once said:" four more years...."

gravedodger said...

Could you Gutless no name members of the vast anonnymouse family point out where I" blamed" the ref.
I merely pointed out a few things that Clancy clearly used vastly different interpretations of the rules as I understand them, so unless your comprehension skills are based on different logic than mine then either debate the points I commented on or STFU.

1 Where did the TMO find evidence after the ball crossed the line in Cowan's possession to disallow the try.
2 In the incident where Thompson did as I outlined above infringe to warrant a penalty.
3 And while you are working out those simple things you may also have an opinion why Thompson incurred a penalty and the Saffa No 7, on his knees did not infringe. More than one time.
Then maybe you just have no knowledge of the fucking rules.
I base my comments on the opinions of practicing Referees and while I accept South Africa's Victory I am just asking as are many commentators both New Zealand and from other Nations are also asking.

pdm said...

BB - cannot agree re Nonu. SBW was very good defensively and positioned himself well. Jean de Villiers had a very strong game and had Nonu been on the paddock there would have been some big holes for him.

GD I agree 100% re the Thompson penalty - a bad call. re the Cowan issue I am not sure if it would have changed the result the Yarpies were smarter througn the whole match and dictated where the game was played on the paddock.

Barnsley Bill said...

SBW looked like a terrorist taking part in a pass the parcel game at an alqueda birthday party.
He is the Adidas selection and from the news today about his agent trying to get a sportswear exemption I am picking Adidas will drop him with the same haste he tries to rid himself of the ball.
And I do not really buy the ref problems, you play to the conditions and that includes the ref. We are just a little bit stupid. And that has been the theme in every world cup exit including the eight place at the last comp.

Anonymous said...

How boring if you could sleep because you knew we were so good we would win. I'm not backing the AB's - its become a cash cow, a brand and the NZRB annoys me too much. I guess they are like politicians really - the same source country (maybe) but they don't involve or represent me unless I cough a few bucks to their sponsers.

Anonymous said...

Grave the name is Bokkie.
WTF do you want to debate? You went on ad infinitum at how the ref got things wrong. Then start another post where you again spend the majority of the post going on about how the ref made mistakes. Mate you are the quintessential Kiwi rugby supporter. It is always some-one else's fault. When the Aussies lost to the All Blacks the Aussies did not start crying about the ref.
And when the boks had their backsides kicked they looked to themselves and the coach.

Kiwi's try and blame every-one else. You want a debate? WTF? How about Steyn penalised for playing the ball. Even the one eyed Kiwi commentators found that weird. If you know anything about rugby or ever watched a game, you would know that calls are missed both ways. Sportsmen shake hands. afterwards and have a beer. Sore and bad losers cry foul and blames just about anything other than their team.

Oh and as for gutless, I am willing to provide you with an adress etc. But something tells me you would find a reason or a fault with that as well.

gravedodger said...

@ Bokkie, I and most who indulge in this medium get a little short when so many facless commenters come in, get personal and use the anon label, I find it rude really.
It is not hard to put an ID as you place a comment.
Before I joined the team I used the name URL option as apart of a free Google a/c.
Thankyou for that.
My address is no secret and again,thankyou for putting an ID to a POV that I have total respect for.
I am not a "sore Loser" but as one who accepts the refs word as law I was inscensed by Veltman's overstepping of the rules pertaining to the field of responsibility that precludes consideration of any thing before the Ball crosses the try line, he, SV, and Clancy conspired to break that rule.
It was not a try, would not have affected the result, and it was the right descision. Their use of the technology outside the "RULES" was red card IMO.
The ARL use the Technology in a far more constructive way ie they review 'onside' as part of a kick through for a try, I applaud that but I would be a little, no more than a little, concerned if off their own bat the Ref and their TMO conspired to use the film to rule on something that occurred say at the kick off two minutes earlier to rule out a score that otherwise had been entirely legit.
I have been following comment from O'seas and one Aussie who hates everything NZ, and AB in particular admitted what Valtman and Clancy did outside the rules should rule them out of any involvement in RWC.
Any way we don't agree but I support your right to your opinion that has a great more validity with Bokkie attached.

As to your 'generalisations re Whinging, I recently revisited the 1956 tour archives on another matter and was astonished at previously unknown to me, reaction of the Bok leadership and management to the NZ selectors bringing back Kevin Skinner to counter what they regarded as "Unfair" tactics to subdue Koch and Bekker in their disruption of the scrum. The legend has Skinner dealing to one at the first scrum and swapping to the tighthead to sort the other out at the next. Evidently the Springboks were threatening to never tour here again until some two years later an Aussie negotiated a Peace settlement.
The ABs just regarded the Skinner factor as what it took to sort it out.
Well done to Matfields men.

Cheers M

Simon said...

AB’s lost because Henry gave Smith the team to run for the week.

AB’s need is too play in the form that caused Francis Pienaar to leave the field in a gibbering mess in his final test never to be seen again.

kehua said...

Anyone else sick of Justin Marshalls` voice, views and fuckups.

Barnsley Bill said...

Yes, and Nisbett and TJ WHINING about the non try that wasn't. Could be another world cup with the sound OFF

Anonymous said...

Stupid rugby.

Anonymous said...

Nonu is one of the best players in the team. END OF