Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Stuff headlines
"Comedian on a driving charge"

Comedian and television personality Mike King is charged with riding his motorbike while his licence was suspended.

If I was the editor the headline may have read
"opinionated ex pork promoter on a charge"

Then start the item say,

Ex frontman for the pork industry who quit when he had an epiphany moment, was in court today on a charge of riding a motorbike whith a suspended licence.
The man who tresspassed onto a private pork production unit to seriously disturb sleeping pigs in an attempt to resurrect a failing career in television was not involved in roadrage according to his lawyer.

Talk about turd polishing.


Anonymous said...

I would have run "Mike King in trouble with the pigs again" and just left it at that.

gravedodger said...


Anonymous said...

How come no name suppression.

gravedodger said...

Probably forgot to ask for it.