Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Carter. Kabul. Taliban. Corruption

On so many levels and in spite of the fact that this weapons grade troughpig, blame it on the haters, dickhead is probably going to trouser the thick end of 250,000 US dollars a year plus expenses.


Not much of a lifestyle from your guarded, barricaded compound over there buddy.
Cue the left wing scumatariat screeching to bring him back like they do our troops? No? Why not?

Enjoy the spiral landings, bowel loosening drive to the compound and being too scared to open a window lifestyle Chris. You deserve it.

Here is a handy google search for the "scene" buddy. The first answer is a doozy.

On another note. Helen, is this the best you could do for your old buddy? A war zone, a batshit crazy, holy war, stone queers.. to death... war zone?
WTF did he do wrong?
I hope the ginga Hughes thinks long and hard before he grovels for some crumbs. Poor bugger might end up working in Mogadishu.
Or is this Helen's way of telling all her old mates to stop calling?


Andrei said...

Damn its odd - almost Monty Pythonesque

Mort said...

not at all, he'll be the rent boy for the Homophobes who doth protest too much... most of the taliban are closet poofs who like watching porn for the dicks

Anonymous said...

This gay will bonk a taleban supporter and WILL have his privates sliced of,and sent to H1 and H2 to be bronzed.As a after thought who cares about the queer troughing shit. But i hope he sodimizes a local boy and has to flee from the dick chopping knife

dad4justice said...

This is so anal.Can this aids victim spell yet.

Psycho Milt said...

There's something about gays that really brings out the class in right-wingers.

It's a weird story alright. Chris Carter, of all people, is being paid to advise officials not to abuse their position? In a country in which homosexuality is punishable by law (if you survive long enough for the law to get a look in)? If nothing else, no-one dare ever suggest again that Helen Clark lacks a sense of humour - Key could never come up with a gag like this.

JC said...

The next headline will go something like "Afghan locals in awe of Carter knowledge of corruption.. ex MP credits former political party."


Barnsley Bill said...

Plagiarised from a comment at kiwiblog.

In other news, taito is being employed to free slaves and darren hughes has taken on a role at rape crisis.
perhaps benson pope could become a tennis coach and phil goff is going on the motivational leaders speaking circuit.

Anonymous said...

The west fights back against the Muslim hordes. The battle is as good as lost.

The Veteran said...

Sought comment from our son over this and particularly his thoughts on the 'gay' angle which has been commented on at length in Kiwi-Blog. Keith has completed two tours over there with the British Army including working with the Afghan National Police Force at a very high level.

His comment for what it is worth highlights the huge contradictions in a fundermentalist Islamist society.

.... sure it is proscibed by law but the reality is that for a significant proportion of the population women are for child bearing and boys are for fun and that includes goats.

I found the same sentiment when I served an attachment with one of the Royal Malay Regiment Battalions. It was all very discrete though.

Anonymous said...

I doubt he'll spend much time in Kabul at all, as opposed to constantly jetsetting between Europe and the USA . . but hey, at least he's still allowed to enter the USA (as opposed to Helen Clarks "husband")

Anonymous said...

the UN, aiding and abetting paedophiles or deviants since 1948

lofty said...

I agree with Phsyco Milt, this is pure comedy gold,If this is the reward for being Helens #1 sycophant, I sure as hell would hate to be on the wrong side of her. you couldn't make this shit up.

I would say good riddance to the bludger,but we are still paying, as I suppose we contribute our "fair share" to the UN.