Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hard to do this from 35,000 feet but the latest revelation in the Royal New Zealand Herald's two part feature piece on Phil Goff that in 1996 he was approached by ACT to become their leader caps a bizarre week for the embattled Labour Party leader.

Bizarre for Phil Goff and embarrassing for ACT. Clearly then a Party looking for leader, any leader will do and never mind the quality, feel the width. Guess Richard Prebble feels slated.

So in just four days two headliner stories; one about Phil offering to quit and the other a pointer to his wavering political ethos. Still, when it's backs to the wall stuff any media attention is welcomed even when you are photographed standing between two donkeys ... nuff said.



Barnsley Bill said...

His advisors should be horsewhipped. And NO. Not trying to make a pun, I actually mean they should be horsewhipped.
Never has a leader of a major political party in this country been so poorly served by his team.
From the schizo article about his multi decade flip flopping to the silly walk and now pictured on his way to the glue factory.
I have now crossed from contempt to pity when describing my feelings about the poor schmuck.
You can absolutley guarantee that national will not give him a soft landing when he quits the day after the election the way they did for the baby killer and the economic terrorist cullen. Why should they? No chance of him getting a few hits in the way Clark and Cullen would have if they had not been bought off.

Mort said...

What it goes to show is that the ultimate reason behind his poor standing in the Liarbore party is that he was never a real socialist. He waws Rogergnome, who for the sake of convenience and self interest remained with the socialists, as they represented the best chance at a decent pay-cheque. What would a minister of the crown for 15 years and then 3 years as opposition leader amount to in terms of salary? If he'd jumped ship to ACT he would have been on his aspadistra, ACT would never have had the 9 seats they won in 96, and he would be a bigger failure than he is now.
Although if you look at his track record he has spent only 12 years of his 27 years parliamentary career not in a top salary position. If he does go this time around his annual income from the parliamentarians package would be something in the order of 150k pa, so he's not exactly going to be crying poverty anytime soon

this is all probably fitting in with a slow undermining of his position by his Liarbored peers

Lou Taylor said...

The reality is that this is only a photo of Goff with two taxpayers.

That's why he has such a big smile on this face. They've been funding his lifestyle for decades.

Flashman said...

Goff will the rest of his life in luxury regardless.

The fact that he couldn't [and probably never] really care less is a true measure of this career trougher and nonentity.