Monday, August 15, 2011

07 44 15 9-08 2011

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The table has 100 mm on it


PM of NZ said...

1-5 Akaroa Harbour?

Oops, wrong thread!


At least Barnsley Bill is not sending similar pictures from his Kerikeri backyard.
The snow would not be good for his bananas! :)

PM of NZ said...

So FF, it is confirmed we do live in a banana republic.

Anonymous said...

Its warming Jim but not as we know it.

dad4justice said...

Yeah right anon tell that to my 4 wheel drive stuck in a huge snow drift.Bugger I will have to walk home so I can get warm!

The worlds gone mad.

Anonymous said...

Of course its warming duh. Haven't you heathen denialists heard of negative warming. So if the weather heats up then its global warming and if cools down then its still warming. Come on dumb dumb its the religion of science dont ya get it?


Anonymous said...

Where's the rope tow!

gravedodger said...

As I close in on 3 score and ten, I am pretty much a calm sunny day, chairlift, groomed piste skier.
Still enjoy the odd great weather day on a ropetow at Lyford or Cragieburn particularly if and when I make that magic 70 and Simpson has to make good on his offer of "FREE" lift pass at Lyford.

Would have skied down the lawn once apon a time but am too well aware of the effects of gravity and energy when I get to the bottom. Snow was a bit ordinary to boot.