Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Carter. Kabul. Taliban. Corruption

On so many levels and in spite of the fact that this weapons grade troughpig, blame it on the haters, dickhead is probably going to trouser the thick end of 250,000 US dollars a year plus expenses.


Not much of a lifestyle from your guarded, barricaded compound over there buddy.
Cue the left wing scumatariat screeching to bring him back like they do our troops? No? Why not?

Enjoy the spiral landings, bowel loosening drive to the compound and being too scared to open a window lifestyle Chris. You deserve it.

Here is a handy google search for the "scene" buddy. The first answer is a doozy.

On another note. Helen, is this the best you could do for your old buddy? A war zone, a batshit crazy, holy war, stone queers.. to death... war zone?
WTF did he do wrong?
I hope the ginga Hughes thinks long and hard before he grovels for some crumbs. Poor bugger might end up working in Mogadishu.
Or is this Helen's way of telling all her old mates to stop calling?


Now it is official EQC is broke.

Now is the time to reassess its relevance, practicability, efficiency and even if it was best Practice in any measure.

After some 60 years of accumulation that suffered a few small set backs it has only just covered the ultimate test of its performance as we speak.

If as many expected Wellington had suffered an equally calamitous event then its inadequacy would have been cruelly exposed. That may still occur as I do not accept 1 in 100 year events can't happen in successive years.

I have posted previously on allowing the insurance Industry to incorporate quake risk as another part of its comprehensive cover, let the insurers meet that as an annual levy and get the government out of the business they were hopelessly unprepared to meet their obligations in.

I am aware of many rorts where deferred maintenance and non quake related damage have been compensated in quake settlements by a casualised workforce that company assessors protecting a companies policy as opposed to a "bottomless pit that the gummint would cover", would have declined as such.
Sheesh even those who choose to under-insure or don't insure at all, have received compensation from the EQC fund.
All the while many who thought they had acted responsibly are now finding they are aggrieved at what they see as less than their perceived real cover with the crossover between EQC and their insurer complicated by a welfare component from the Government.

Following the upcoming election the new government should place the whole problem to a comprehensive review and leave the default socialist position out of it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


As we move to finals weekend for the two divisions of the ITM interprovincial rugby that was seriously compressed this year due to the RWC I will make a few comments.

Canterbury travel to Hamilton to defend their title and Hawkes Bay do battle with Manawatu in Palmy to settle the championship and promotion to the premier division for 2012.

Southland with a roller coaster ride suffer the drop to the championship next year.

With games on six days a week and sometimes a turnaround of only three days, placed serious pressure on squads and coaching staff, the result was a season very difficult to predict results.

But there was some seriously good rugby. Basically any team could beat any other and sometimes the expected winner was sat on their arse. Canterbury lost the shield to a very focussed Southland team who then gave it up to the Naki in their penultimate game and that denied Bay of Plenty their big day out. as I type this Manawatu are having their buildup to the final dealt a reality check with Otago leading 28 - 13 at 73 minutes.
Unfortunately some crowd numbers were poor but some of that would have been sheeted to the money being hoovered up by the RWC tickets.

Anyway great competition, my picks Waikato and Manawatu to win their finals.

In conclusion how would the following go at the Rugby world Cup

Full backs Ben Smith Sean Maitland
Wings Sitivini Sivivatu, Hosea Gear Patrick Osborne Luke O'Donell
Centers Robbie Fruen, Jared Payne, Phill Burliegh Kendrick Lynne.
5/8 Aaron Cruden Lima Sopoanga.
1/2 Toby Mathewson Kahn Fotoili.
8 Colin Burke Brad shields.
7 Scott Waldren, Matt Todd.
6 Karl lowe, Liam Messom
4/5 Jarrod Hoeata, Tom Donnelly, Jeremy Thrush,Josh Bekhuis.
props Wyatt Crockett, Niamaia Tialata, Jamie Mckintosh, Paea Fa'anunu
2 Hika Elliot Dane Coles.

Short of a Tighthead Prop I know.


The major quakes have shared the number 4.

4th September. 4

26th December 6 - 2 = 4.

22nd February 2 + 2 = 4.

13th June 1 + 3 = 4.

Four significant dates.

Now Ken Ring is at it again

So 4th 13th 15th 16th 22nd 26th Sept might just stay in bed.
Then again a significant number of people die in bed eh.

On a more positive note less than 1/2 the last 30 quakes on geonet were in the South Island.
And even better only 2 of the last 15.

Glad my lucky number is three and SWMBO is the first wife, have 2 children, 3 dogs, 3 cars, 1 caravan, 3 lawn mowers, 1 tractor and rural rapid number is #90.
Oh oh 4 bedrooms, sheesh!!


Stuff headlines
"Comedian on a driving charge"

Comedian and television personality Mike King is charged with riding his motorbike while his licence was suspended.

If I was the editor the headline may have read
"opinionated ex pork promoter on a charge"

Then start the item say,

Ex frontman for the pork industry who quit when he had an epiphany moment, was in court today on a charge of riding a motorbike whith a suspended licence.
The man who tresspassed onto a private pork production unit to seriously disturb sleeping pigs in an attempt to resurrect a failing career in television was not involved in roadrage according to his lawyer.

Talk about turd polishing.


As the Battle of Britain raged the UK government prepared for the worst. Included in those preparations were a series of posters dealing with the invasion threat. Two of them received wide distribution; the third, to be released only after the Germans had landed never saw the light of day until recently when a bale of them were discovered and some enterprising soul saw a unique marketing opportunity. It is 'hot property' over here.

Some might think it represents sage advice for Phil Goff.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mana list

Anybody esle waiting with baited breath the see how close to the Jim Rose Circus Mana will get with their list?
I know I am. Hone, Minto, Bradford and Jackson are probably dead certs but what other freaks will they try and foist upon us.
Bummer Bradbury was dropping hints on Tim Selwyns formerly quality blog yesterday.
I for one think the whole country needs to be exposed to the shoutiest little man in Auckland on a much larger stage than a once were quality blog and a 30 minute rant on triangle for 12 people.


No nothing to do with the Wallabies effort on Saturday night.

Just another round in the ongoing WAR between Black Power and the Mongrel Mob in Wairoa..

Following a game of Rugby between a team with BP members and another with similar connections to the MM that was described as played in a "good spirit", a ute pulled up at the ground and an altercation ensued as two men left the Ute and had a brief meeting with a spectator.
Subsequent to that a man on the back of the Ute produced a Shotty fired 2 or 3 shots in the air then fired two more at the crowd.
With children present it was an incredibly dangerous act according to police, sheesh who wudda thunk that.
Of course the weapon would have been in the possession of a person holding a current firearms licence and we wont need to tighten the law around firearms will we Mr Alpers.
Forget the "bushmasters" Mr Plod get a couple of Barrett .50 cal and prepare these gentlemen for a new Oxygen vent.


A Christchurch "mother" is going off at the Bush Inn Bar for ejecting her 17 yo daughter who was subsequently raped and the alleged rapist has admitted guilt.

What a cluster fuck, pun intended.

Published facts here are:

The "victim" preloaded at home.
She acquired a false/altered ID.
She used that false ID to gain admittance to the last "BOOZE BARN" in the City situated in the heart of scarfy country.
The Tavern refused service and evicted the "victim" for being drunk.
She was abandoned by her"friends" in the Bush Inn carpark, as they then headed off to the Belfast Tavern in search of more "entertainment""
The girl had a sexual encounter with another departing patron, cried rape, and his life is down the toilet in spades.

Now the mother is going off with the equivalent of an AK47 at the Bar staff.

My first impressions in the white heat of the current debate on Liquor control.

Where was the responsible parent when the problem was unfolding prior to the Bar.
Where were her friends as the disaster unfolded.
What were the Bar staff to have done different.
Why were the police not called to deal with a clear case of "drunk and disorderly"
Why was the poor bugger who admitted his guilt not given some skerrick of basic legal advice before he completely ruined his life.
What evidence was gathered as to consent and /or culpability.
Has the "rape victim" been charged with the clear case of using ID fraudulently to gain admittance to the pub.

The guilty here include the Mother,(no mention of the sire), the "friends", and most significantly in my view the transfer of personal responsibility to some other illusory entity than the person who applied the liquor whether by supply or consuming.
So many questions and I will bet heavily that very little will emerge to answer any of my concerns, sadly.


Chris Bird and cadwallader came in early with 1 and 5,followed by Homepaddock with a bit of logic.
When I checked at around 4.30 I was a little depressed then later Ray weighed in with the solution to pic 2.
When I revisited before writing this Alan R had won the echocolate fish with 4 of the five who although with the right answer to 2 even if a little off with the camera site.
Pic 4 was included as a result of ChrisP's effort on 'Jacks Blowhole' last week.


1 Basin Reserve "R A Vance Stand".
2 A view of the Kawarau Gorge taken from the top of Mt Difficulty, If you Google Map 'The Kawarau Gorge Otago', you get the rather convulated track where at the Cromwell end it does a large horse shoe past the "Roaring Meg", Mt Difficulty is the high point in the center of that large horseshoe. We drove to the top where there is a transmitter station, via the Bannockburn bridge from Cromwell.
3 Alan got it from what was a poor photo, though missed the camera site by a couple of Kms. Hanmer Springs across the Hanmer Plain from a saddle on the Amuri Range to the north of Mt Leslie or Leslie Peak, looking to Where Jacks Pass road takes you over into the Clarence and The Amuri Ski Area.
4 A shot of The Hokitika Gorge, a scenic spot well worth a visit.
5 Hon David Caygill Min of Finance and currently a commissioner of ECan.

Many thanks to those who take the time and build the solution.
Hopefully another five next Sunday.

Sad end for ACT

Have to agree with Danyl's post on this. ACT is now little more than a scam that National is running to hoover up the votes of those to its right. There are still a few genuine ACT candidates at the upper levels of ACT's list, but they'll be dependent for their seats in Parliament on John Banks, a staunch National man and natural conservative opposed to most of what ACT supposedly stands for.

It's kind of a shame, really. I like the idea of a classical liberal party represented in Parliament to act as a counterweight against all the other parties' tendency to treat the citizenry as recalcitrant children who must be made to behave the way their rulers feel is appropriate. It's just too bad that we don't have one - under Hide, ACT went in mainly for populist rabble-rousing (eg the get-tough-on-crime stuff, or the hypocritical perk-busting), and most of the people representing ACT in Parliament have turned out to be fruitcakes of one kind or another. Now they're just a front for National to keep the few remaining ACT supporters from disappearing under the threshold. Not a pleasant end for them.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Bullets are not greeting cards"

SST reprinted today an article from the Guardian pointing out that celebratory gunfire can be lethal, news that won't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the principle "what goes up, must come down."

This was one of the (many) things that used to drive me nuts about living in Kuwait. Liberation Day, birthdays, weddings, you name it, munters would be out on the street with AK47s left behind by the Iraqis, emptying the magazines into the air and relying on Allah to see to it that the bullets magically disappear. For some strange, unfathomable reason, I mean you really just can't figure out how this is even possible, it seems like Allah actually doesn't make the bullets disappear and they come back down to earth again, occasionally through the top of people's heads.

In a combat zone, the celebratory gunfire can be lethal to the shooters too. In both Afghanistan and Libya, there've been incidents of NATO air crews believing themselves to be under fire and responding by pulverising a bunch of Afghans or Libyans who were merely having a bit of a knees-up. The Afghans complained bitterly at the loss of an entire wedding party this way, but for regular forces in a combat zone the question of whether the bullets whistling past your ear were actually aimed at you or not is something you sort out after returning fire.

This general lack of interest in firearms safety and fire discipline in the Middle East, and the accompanying stubborn refusal to recognise that carelessly discharging firearms is likely to kill people, has been particularly noticable in news footage coming out of Tripoli the last week or so, in which the reporters accompany video of rebels firing indiscrimately on city streets with stories about civilians randomly shot by "government snipers." Er, right. Government snipers. That must be it - what other explanation could there be for people randomly shot down in the street or through the windows of their houses? I kid you not, I watched one item in the news featuring a guy on a Tripoli street trying to walk while holding a machine gun over his head and firing beltloads of ammunition in the general direction of "away," and the next scene was of the reporter earnestly telling us how the hospitals were filling up with civilians randomly shot by "Gaddafi's snipers." It makes you want to bang your head on the desk.


A sports ground, three scenes and a Polly.

An All Black won the tri-nations tonight

Sadly, he was wearing a green and gold tie and did it from the Aussie coaches room.
If he goes on to win the RWC as well I think it is unlikely he will be back to help NZ rebuild from the impending disaster that is allowing your 8th place coach and captain have another go.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Who said this?

"But when asked if there was someone in his caucus who might have a better shot at winning the election, he said: "Frankly, no. If I did think there was somebody, I would say, `Hey, boy, have I got an offer for you."'

What a hopeless bastard Phil Goff is. Not only does he admit the country do not want him but he now reckons the rest of his team are even more useless. And of course it never even entered his head that one of the fuglies might have a shot to boot.

Later in the same article he claims to have never tried to use his family for political gain.. And then goes on to do exactly that when recounting stories about his daughter getting caught with disco biscuits. Apparently the fuss forced her out of NZ. If memory serves she was overseas when it happened and the judge (luckily for her) gave her a pass so that she could travel. No suggestion of political/ diplomatic shenanigans to get her off of course.



In the shock of the sudden announcement by Helen Clarke that she was off, following her defeat at the hands of John Key nearly three years ago, the Labour caucus, still wallowing in the disbelief that it was all a big mistake quickly chose Phil Goff to lead them until that happened.

A big legacy of the leadership style that had kept Helen Clarke safe from any hint of a challenge as the tide went out was that nobody, and I mean nobody in that caucus was thinking what being asked to go and sit on the other side of the house actually entailed.

National were guilty of a similar "denial syndrome" some 9 years earlier.

Because Labour lurched to Goff in a state of shock they ignored the salient fact that 'it was not all a mistake' and failed to make the leadership a strategic decision that in the light of a rejection, required a path to regain some measure of support from those who had abandoned them.
Had Ms Clarke had any concern for the Party over her clear ambition to make a step up to world government, she would have given the caucus that window of opportunity to make a considered strategic series of decisions for a 'best way forward' that in the cold light of day would have in all probability bypassed Goff as leader of the opposition and made the step with a "next Prime Minister", we now know in the wreckage of defeat that didn't happen.

Three years on and we now have five possibles jousting with a small group of wannabes, one of whom is not even in parliament, for that position after the blood letting that will ensue after November 26th 2011.

Is Mr Shane "bluey" Jones timing a run to trump the next hand by making a play at the first caucus when the house resumes in just over a week on the basis of "we must make a change within our campaign to get into broken play away from the rucks that National are holding the ball in as the clock winds down".
He must know that in the factional atmosphere of modern Labour he has little chance after the election so why not a dramatic tubthumping bash at it now.

He seems to be looking for a pathway outside that being slavishly followed by the lemmings as they rush headlong to the cliff.

Send him home, cut him from the squad and say goodbye.

Sonny Bill Williams.
On the eve of the last pre RWC game we are seeing the great one's spokespeople whinging about sponsorship, contracts and unfait treatment.
I wonder is there a more over-hyped and over paid player ever to have pulled on the black shirt.
negotiating through the media is the last thing needed as the team prepares for the most important series of games any of them will ever play.
With his best mate and agent is there any wonder it is coming down to this

The team do not need him or Mundine. Tell him to piss off NFRFU. And do it before the tournament kicks off.

Friday, August 26, 2011


It was with great sadness I learned of the death of Graeme Moody at the age of 60.
Graeme was one of a very few commentators/ analysts who as well as knowing his subject thoroughly also had a natural ability to tell what he saw without editorialising or projecting.

My sincere condolences to his widow, work mates and the army of friends who are left mourning his untimely passing.
I also wish the same to the family and comrades of Corporal Doug Grant who died while serving his country in Afganistan.

Graeme Moody was one of a rare breed who stay with the wireless as their medium and do not move to the seemingly more exaulted personna of the small screen "star".

His accuracy and professionalism was no better rated than by the many of us when we shut off the inane sound of the TV show ponies, many of whom thought themselves the center of attention, and used Moods' commentary to supplement the visuals.

However after enduring the Newstalk ZB program from 08 30 till 1200 dedicated to a tribute to Graeme Moody, I was left a little bemused.
Graeme died indulging his passion for Surfing in conditions that have been variously described as Challenging and worse. IMO he misjudged and lost the gamble.

Compared with the other big tragedy of recent days his death is nowhere the enormity of Corporal Grant whose life was taken by a killer, while at work, on behalf of his country, hence my bemusement.
Of course Graeme Moody's death was tragic and very personal for his work colleagues but was it of such moment to have the highest rating Wireless show dedicate three and a half hours to it, sorry I don't think so. and I can't help wondering what Graeme Moody would have thought of it all.

RIP Graeme "Moods" Moody, 60, you were indeed a legend.

RIP Corporal Douglas Grant, 41, Your sacrifice was awesome and I am grateful for it.


A commenter on my post a couple of days ago, asked a legitimate question, how do those wanting to move on, avoid the trap of inflating section prices as they climb significantly above those applying to the redzone RVs of 2007.

Very simple, it has long been obvious to anyone connected to residential land development in this country for many years.
Local bodies through their planning gestapo divisions, have placed many barriers to what they emotively call 'urban sprawl' by way of delays and onerous requirements for services that often had no relevance to the new areas but were more about delayed or ignored upgrading of existing infrastructure.
I highlighted urban sprawl as it is nothing more than following demand for space and lifestyle that was being eroded by LA's desire to compensate for failure to maintain infrastructure by concentrating infill and more dense land use as a method of refinancing improvements that ignoring depreciation and lack of maintenance had exposed.
When developments were initiated beyond existing "boundaries" they were in direct response to a demand by the people to avoid the darker outcomes that the LA's planning had created.

So the simple solution to the problem raised by that commenter is to radically increase the supply of new subdivisions and following the market, watch the price come down as supply trumps demand.
I posted on this weeks ago as to why farmland at say $25 000 dollars a hectare suddenly goes to $2 500 000 a Ha in section value. Much is as a direct consequence of town planning often apparently driven by ideology and envy and employing the rigid "I know Best View" of planners without regard for the wishes of purchasers, as revealed by the very obvious and clear demand.

I conversed with a mate who has been destroyed in the 'red zone' while I was in the telecom blackout zone west of CHC airport yesterday, and he was extremely positive. Being paid out on 2007 RV is suiting him fine and if he can get his settlement and build on the section he has in Rangiora he will have lost nothing, have escaped Dallington, and will be well set for the retirement he took late last year.
His main focus at present is whether he can capitalise his now lower expectation for a smaller "retirement" home for the "family home" he has lost, and he doesn't much care either way.

So there will of course be winners and losers, I don't see any equitable answer to that, that will be anything other than a very expensive bureaucratic opportunity for a few and very expensive cost for the rest of us.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Stuff and its Press contributor have got a story on a couple of "Red Zone" victims and their government offer for their properties.

One couple with two kiddies are apparently $160 k worse off and the other says she is settled and $100k better off.

The nature of the beast will have these differentials because so many have, over time, regarded the "Ratable Value" as an actual Market Value of a property.
A falacy that is widely held through ignorance that is perpetrated by an equally ignorant MSM who continue to muddle RV with Market value.
Of course the settlements for RZ Victims are based on the 2007 RV in the absence of any other fixed point.

Up until around 25/30 years ago there was a relativity between the two figures supported by actual inspections by trained valuers in the govt valuation dept undertaking triennial "valuations".
These became diluted as inspections were replaced by 'desktop' figures calculated using inflation figures, and official documentation for major rebuilds supplemented by inspections following appeals whether to raise or lower the RV for whatever reason.
Todays RV has absolutely no relevance to MV other than as a point of discussion.

The complication for case 1 above was they had a contemporary private Valuation of $100 k above the 2007 RV and admitted they paid another $10k to purchase the property plus another $50k on improvements,leaving them a notional $160k short.

The Government has for reasons of expediency and moving on chosen the 2007 RV as the settlement figure and many have said that as at Sept 3rd 2010 that was generous following the effects of the recession on property values. So how will that fact be factored in and how much of the $160k had already been eroded in the case of these two people

Of course the second lady in the article aint saying anything by way of a question.

It was a 'disaster' and it is obvious that some will be better off and some will lose, shit happens and a solution that satisfies all will delay progress and cost many millions more to complete.

In the late eighties I lost around $250k due entirely to the very necessary reforms following the stupidity of the Muldoon economic "miracle". We just sucked that up and got on with our lives and I would recommend that path in this case.

I am aware of many thousands of settlement outcomes from EQC that appear to me to be somewhat short in the "basic equity" stakes and getting bogged down here will IMO solve nothing.

However it made a great headline and I can see the Claytons MP will be frothing at the thought.

Lowering my faith in humanity one story at a time

Stuff reports that the Internal Affairs Department's Censorship Compliance Unit is "investigating" a book by a couple of fundy nutbars that recommends corporal punishment as a child-rearing tool.

As usual with this kind of story, I'm left full of questions:

1. Why do people say "I'm not one to..." when actually they quite obviously are, given that they're doing that very thing? In this case, the complainant says "I'm not one to prevent books from being sold, but..." but, yeah, they're trying to prevent a book being sold.

2. Why do journalists insist on using slang terms that can only confuse an issue? In this case the journo writes that the book in question recommends "thumping" your children as a punishment. WTF? I haven't heard of giving someone a thump for years, but last I did it meant punching them with your fist. If the authors really do recommend punching your children with your fists as some kind of bizarre attempt at imposing discipline on them, then sure, you really, really don't want to be following any of their parenting advice whatsoever. But given that journalists these days often seem to be little more than children themselves, I'm left wondering whether the kids have some new meaning for "thump" that was unknown a few decades back.

3. Why do journalists struggle so with simple concepts like cause and effect? The story says:

International media outlets have reported that Kevin and Elizabeth Schatz followed the book's instructions and subsequently beat their seven-year-old adopted daughter to death.

What's that supposed to mean? That the book's instructions include beating your child to death, or beating them to such an extent that death is a distinct possibility? If so, what publisher in their right mind agreed to publish the fucking thing? Or are we looking at yet another post hoc, ergo propter hoc fallacy, in which b followed a therefore a caused b? A Stuff journalist wouldn't be able to tell you.


This is nothing more than a coincidence.

Just after I posted on the Fonterra contretempt yesterday an advert for "ORGANIC HONEY" crossed my awareness.

Honey is collected by bees, stored in the comb in a hive that can be man made or natural in a hollow tree, and to make it to market, collected by an aparist who may be amateur or professional.

A hive can be a hierarchy of some 60 000 bees that roam uncontrolled over the territory surrounding the hive collecting Nectar from flower sources and honey dew from plants, stored in a stomach for the flight back to the hive where it is retrieved by other bees and stored in prepared combs as a food bank.

If the hive is in a manmade structure set up by an apaiarist, then it can be removedfrom the hive and spun out of the comb by centrifical force and packaged for sale.

My basic knowledge of "organic" as a marketing aid claims that the product has been prepared under strict criteria as to use of "artificial" interventions in the process of production, and processing that makes it somhow "special" and usually implies a more healthy product.

Question; as the majority of the collection of the raw nectar and all the initial processing up to the storage in the Comb is done by a pretty independent swarm of unpaid workers, "who the hell is monitoring their activities to ensure the normally quite onerous, criteria for organic status is being complied with"?

Just curious.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The most alarming facet for the labour hierarchy following the absolutely disastrous outburst by the great communicator, is clothing it in an ignorant response. Her rage on treachery and lack of effort and commitment of labour votors as expressed in so many places in the internet both onside and offside has revealed a multitude of commenters claiming to be deserting to the greens this November.
It is not necessaryly a true perspective but one adage of Political loyalty that is unchanged with MMP is the truism of pissing off a supporter to motivate their departure from the team is very often irreversible.

Has the Hon Member for Dunedin South been dabbling with a bit of the not so good Kronic, or is it just a meltdown in response to the dilemma facing so many in Harry Hollands Dream Team c2011.

IMHO the insanity of doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is the issue and it is madness not to react to the obvious.
The very nice man is so much of their problem for many reasons and destruction of their party is real.

I would have thought that this is a perfect opportunity for a street fighter such as Old Blue Jones, Full steam ahead and dam the torpedoes.


In what I presume is based on a rationalisation process, Fonterra the major stake holder in milk collection, processing and marketing of the White Gold of New Zealand's primary production sector, have announced a curtailment of the areas they will collect and keep separate, "organic milk".

I have two main gripes with this item, one personal, the other pragmatic.

On a personal note I am often more than a little annoyed with the comparative new meaning and emphasis applied to words with a very accurate and traditional meaning in everyday use. Gay, free, entitlement, and many more but in this instance "organic".
Now the Kiwi Marketing board when desiring a new Word to label their Chinese Gooseberry, how many of you remember that prior to 'Kiwi fruit', that was the name of the "Hairy Berry", came up with the word Zespri. I have no idea where they found it but it was completely new to me.
Back on topic, Organic, my Consise Oxford tells me the word relates to:
Of or from a bodily organ, therefore milk from a mammary gland ,OK.
Of a compound or chemical particularly Carbon, still OK.
Of animals and or plants without "artificial fertilizers or pesticides".
Now the doubt creeps in.

When an electrical storm delivers rain, that rain contains significant quantities of nitrogen to the soil as a result of the massive electrical energy changing inert N into a soluble compound in the rain water. A dairy farmer applies NH3 or urea.
That same farmer uses Phosphate rock an inert rock that needs the acids in the soils to break it down to a compound available to plants or rock that has been altered by the addition of Sulphuric acid, adding another desirable element S to the product. In my opinion all still natural if a little manipulated for delivery.

To control internal parasites a farmer chooses chemicals in solution from a chemist or an alternative product from an Organic supplier but still containing a chemical to relieve the parasite burden. Kronic anyone. Natural, artificial still chemicals surely.

Thats enough of that , now for a little anecdote.
A producer of grapes for wine decides to grow 'organic' and through his vinyard manager moves to meet the quite exacting standards for that exalted status and succeeds, apparently.
His manager moves on and his replacement continues with the program entering the daily log of activity but when the next audit of the 'organic status' comes around lo and behold there is a little problem with the outcome due to some other substances being logged.
New manager contacts ex manager and seeks advice, only to be told "you didn't record all that did you, they were not allowed".
"But you used them, the chemicals were in the other shed".
"yeah but you don't write them down stupid".

I am on the edge of Grape growing with my hobby, and in our climate there is no way in hell I could produce fruit without recourse to chemical intervention so I minimise use and sometimes that bites me on the bum as a wee bit inadequate when sod turns up to "help"
There is no such thing as product without any stain on its organic status, a descriptive widely used today, only varying degrees.

If the laudible goal is 'Healthier Is Through A Minimised Intervention' as the aim (HITAMI), a title that is a bit cumbersome, so fine a new WORD, I am sure that list Ele finds her "word of the day" from would have one if mine is not acceptable.
My 'HITAMI' grapes and therefore my wine is as close to healthy as I can achieve and as most of the description in my dictionary says, 'organic'. My main lines of defense are Pyrethrum, Lime Sulphur, Wettable Sulphur and if necessary a little nuclear when shit happens!

The other gripe with the headline is expecting Fonterra to run an entirely separate collection, processing and marketing system to cater for one farmer in the back of beyond who claims rightly or wrongly an 'organic' status is in a word "NUTS', there is already a clamour for lower priced milk , so the rubbish complaint is just that, rubbish. Fonterra is already incurring significantly high collection costs in some cases due to the commitment given at its establishment to maintain collection for those already supplying their local factory and who now through attrition and changing land use are very isolated.
The very limited market for the increased priced "organic", without which many of those who slavishly consider if it is dearer it must be healthier, just does not justify the effort beyond the Waikato/ BOP area.

That would seem a laudable commercial decision surely.

Monday, August 22, 2011


The part leader of the anti business Greens has come out with another attack on the productive.

In a solution to a nonexistent problem he is proposing a new tax on farmers using water to grow grass at an average of around $40 000 per irrigated farm.

Now as Ele at Homepaddock rightly points out Irrigators are already paying a very high price for water at present, in allocation costs, delivery costs, compliance costs and obstacles put in place by officials and other Nimbys using the RMA to make trouble.

On the face of it, Red Rusell's proposed tax on a minority of 'rich pricks' for electoral appeal to the masses, will tax all water use regardless of any cost of supply.
The irrigator who 'harvests and stores' water on his property at great cost will pay the same 'rich prick' tax as the one who just puts a suction hose in a stream that runs through his property.

In the 70s I baulked at the very high cost Waipara scheme that allowed the establishment of the successful viticultural revolution on account of my weak financial position at that time. Any irrigation development is always fraught and this stupid, poorly thought out cynical attack on the productive sector is typical of the very poor understanding of how we, as a nation are paying the bills.


No cigar again.

ChrisP and cadwallader two correct.

MikeG 1 from 1

1 Queen Elizabeth Oval in Masterton the trees are the givaway.

2 Hon Ben Couch, All Black in the late Forties and Maori AB. Three terms for National 70s/80s Wairarapa and Minister of Police and Maori affairs in Muldoon Govt.

3 Jacks Blowhole at the northern area of The Catlins. A non accessible sea cave that runs 200m into pasture land and the part visible in the pic is quite intimidating in the unbridled power as one views it from the safety of the structure. Well worth the trek, more of a surge chamber and doesn't 'Spout' afaik.

4 Waitaki Dam. The first structure to harness the Waitaki worth a stop as the construction details are pretty inspiring when the dates are considered.

5 Rakaia Gorge Bridge. Yes again to the two sharing success the very unique construction and the date of construction the main features, the only example of the system I am aware of.

Thankyou for taking the time.

Will try again next Sunday, hopefully.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hard to do this from 35,000 feet but the latest revelation in the Royal New Zealand Herald's two part feature piece on Phil Goff that in 1996 he was approached by ACT to become their leader caps a bizarre week for the embattled Labour Party leader.

Bizarre for Phil Goff and embarrassing for ACT. Clearly then a Party looking for leader, any leader will do and never mind the quality, feel the width. Guess Richard Prebble feels slated.

So in just four days two headliner stories; one about Phil offering to quit and the other a pointer to his wavering political ethos. Still, when it's backs to the wall stuff any media attention is welcomed even when you are photographed standing between two donkeys ... nuff said.


Graham Henry owes me a good nights sleep

Trying to get my nine year old interested in Rugby took a massive step backwards tonight.
What I have just watched was basically every All Black world cup loss * distilled down into one game.
I know the rockstars are at home wrapped in their duvets but that was like watching super fit idiots play against old, hard geniuses.
It is now evident to all of us that SBW is there for the sponsors and without the Carter Mccaw combo we are not very good.
You know it is bad when you wish Nonu was playing and the commentators start screaming because a try scored from a forward pass was disallowed.

* Except 91. That was the old players thinking they just had to turn up and Hart sticking his fudge in Grizz Wylies peanut butter.


Three places one sports ground and a politician from history, go to it

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I earlier posted on the appropriateness of the EQC to be the provider of cover in a disaster when most of their focus is on collection of the levies and investing them with no ability to perform risk analysis or assessment of damage.
I suggested the EQC be a reinsurer and leave policy, risk assessment and assessor functions at the 'coalface'to the primary insurer.

Nothing in watching their performance revealed has changed that view. Personally we are still waiting for an assessment of the damage we sustained in the September 4th quake.

Far too many claims have been settled without regard to depreciation, deferred maintenance and cover paid for damage that had zero connection to any of the four main events but were paid out for anyway by hastily employed staff whose standards of performance had no fairness or equity in the outcome.

Now the survivors and families of the victims of the PGC building collapse are being denied the right to claim for personal possession lost in the demolished building as they cannot produce "The CERA paperwork confirming the building has been demolished".
The main problem is that the site was cleared by contractors working under the direction of the Civil Defense bureaucrats before CERA was established.

The "PRAT" who is making this idiotic stand should be named, shamed and placed in the stocks.

As Nick Walls a very lucky survivor, the last extricated alive from the wreckage, said it is offensive he can be pretty conservative in his comments our Nick, but that is an understatement.

I am unable to find a site photo of 233 Cambridge Tce but if that prick could just take a look in his/her lunch break he/she might just work that out quite easily, and take a couple of pics for the file, as it has been cleared..


On our way to China and. while I said in an earlier post that I would be standing back from posting while I was away unless "Winston rolled Phil", the TransTasman Report that, last week, Phil floated with the Labour front bench that he should quit is almost in that category

Even more telling was the response from one front bencher who reportedly said "Phil, it's up to you". The Labour Leader might have expected a modicum of support (never mind loyalty) although the lines of 'no, no, trying to push shit up hill is a big ask and we're right behind you'.

Instead all he got was 'here's the knife if you want to do the honourable thing and we won't bother calling an ambulance'.

This is devastating for Labour just 13 weeks out from the election and maybe, just maybe, my tongue in cheek 'Winston rolls Phil' scenario is not.

p.s. It matters not a jot that on Stuff, PG denied the report. What else could he do?


The old adage 'No such thing as bad publicity' is being sorely tested with an unedifying debacle over did/didnot, regarding an allegation that Phil Goff effectively asked a group of senior members of his caucus whether he should stay or go in the light of current polling.

He, Mr Goff, has angrily dismissed the claim as bollocks and blamed it on a National led smear.
Now I wouldn't ordinarily have described Tracy Watkins as a cheer leader for the Nats but she has alleged that at least one senior Labour MP has confirmed the 'rumour' that Mr Goff did indeed consult a group prior to the scheduled Caucus meeting.

I accept that often the adage has a certain truth to it but in light of the extraordinary publicity surrounding this mess I would have thought 'no comment', or even an admission that these discussions do occur within his inner circle from time to time, might not have appeared a little more supportive of the position of the man who would like to be regarded as a potential Prime Minister.

While I accept that he is under considerable pressure, the very angry man in this instance is not doing himself any favours. This weekend polling may just turn up that pressure.


Stuff is running a poll on "Do you support Benefit Cards"

I accept that these polls are non scientific and with that question, very poorly worded.

The surprise for me was with the established tendency for any group to skew a result, this poll is running at a clear margin of 76.4 yes to 22.6 against.

I cannot help wondering if it would be any more emphatic if the question included the specific targeting of the proposed system instead of all benefits as the question suggests.

Friday, August 19, 2011


PWC gnome is "pleased" to announce a first payout of 3.5 cents in the dollar from the rubble of Bridgecorp.

So some poor bastard who thought he had 10k will now have the troubling task confronting him/her of finding a safe place to put the $350.00 that the gnome saved for him.

Crikey one could shout poor old Roddy, "Mate", a decent feed with a couple of very ordinary glasses of wine.

Poor Roddy cant afford a half decent lawyer, those gaining from the latest great news will probably help him out, wont they.


New Zealand has just lost another basic "Right".

The Government has passed "The Freedom Camping Act"

They have removed the right that inhabitants, temporary and permanent, have enjoyed since humans came here at any time in history, "to set up camp on open space for what ever reason", whether it be to hunt, fish, explore or even just exhaustion.

In response to a serious problem of rubbish, poor human body waste disposal and other offensive behavior by the proliferation of budget campervans that barely have room to sleep in let alone anything resembling sanitation, the Government has passed legislation that bans freedom camping at the many public space areas of this beautiful country by all campers.

No longer will mum and dad be able to head off on Christmas eve to set up a camp as they have done for ever at their favourite spot. If they do they will be liable for substantial penalties.

Just pulling off the road to kip due to exhaustion could result in prosecution.

I own an 8 meter Caravan that only leaves wheel tracks.
70 liters of freshwater, 80 liters of grey water capacity, a cartridge toilet, a solar panel on the roof. and a rubbish bucket allows me to park up for up to four days and leave nothing when I depart. A motor camp that costs around $30/$40 a night offers me nothing I need.
Is this legislation being driven in part by the umbrella organisation of Motor Camp Operators.

I and many members of the NZ Motor Caravan Association (current membership around 25 000) have signed up to an initiative by our club to ensure compliance with a "self Containment" status for our van whereby inspection by trained members ensures the standard is kept to. it is now a requirement for new member applicants, and has been embraced by some of the larger hire van companies, eg Maui.
The "SC" standard is a mobile home equivalent to the drainage permit for a fixed home.
We are also proactively supporting the establishment of "dump stations" where all effluent can be safely disposed of.

I know there is a problem but this poorly thought out "solution" will do SFA to solve it.
The only people who will get caught will be the responsible with assets, and property to attach, the occupiers of the el cheapo panel vans will never be forced to comply as they are only here for a few weeks, always moving and if a problem arises they will abandon ship get on their thumb and move on out. Then how will prosecution of the hire company go in the absence of 'Intent'.
How will the authorities enforce payment from canceled Credit Cards and the perp safely lost off shore.

Talk about a sledgehammer nut cracker.

Give a legal status to the Self Containment Scheme that the NZMCA have developed and introduced.
Make a current Self Containment Certificate a necessary component of a WOF.
Then apply the draconian penalties to breaches of use of that capability
Introduce a legislative differential between 'kipping at the wheel' and sleeping in the back.
Force the myriad of el cheapo hire companies to comply or cease operation.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


A while ago I challenged whether we have Poverty in New Zealand following a Green Party claim it was as high as 30%.

Some took me to task in that their definition is based on a relativity and therefore we do have poverty in our society.

My dictionary defines Poverty as "unable to access the necessities of life".

A couple of days ago Mike Hosking, who delivers my weekday connection to what is happening in the world related a bit about a slum suburb of Mumbai, or Bombay as I understand it, called Dharavai.

Covering less than a square mile 500 acres (200 Ha), it is described as an "Administrative Ward". Sandwiched between two rail corridors, low lying, subject to flooding, with poor "fresh" water and almost no sewer (the main outlet for that is an open "creek"). As of 2006 there was ONE TOILET per 1440 residents
Population approaching one million souls, it is self contained as to business/residential activity based on leather, pottery and textile industries and recently it has become the recycling center for Mumbai.
Latest figures suggest there are around 5,000 businesses and 15,000 'single room factories'.
Total turnover is 'estimated' at between $500 million and $650 million US pa. That was turnover not income, I am unable to access an individual citizen income pa.
It was once described as Mumbai's biggest slum but has since been overtaken by four others.

Christchurch Hagley Park covers about 80% of the area of Dharavai so put 750,000 souls with their homes, work, and access, deliver substandard water and put the sewerage into the Avon River. Deliver welfare with Charity, throw in the still very apparent Caste system, a decent bloc of Tamils with the Hindus, the Buddhists, a few Christians and other assorted sects and tell me how to RELATE Dharavai to my image of 'relative disadvantage'.

A picture of Poverty might become apparent, then again you could just ask the NZ Green Party or their socialist big brothers, who are going off about an effort to better target youth welfare to be more effective and beneficial.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, sorry, I thought you meant...

Saw the following exerpt from a speech by David Cameron highlighted in the Dom Post yesterday (full speech here):

Some of the worst aspects of human nature tolerated, indulged - sometimes even incentivised - by a state and its agencies that in parts have become literally de-moralised. So do we have the determination to confront all this and turn it around?

"My God, what a brave statement for a tory to make!", I thought. "Who'd have expected it from that stuffed shirt?"

Wasn't until I started reading the article that I realised he wasn't talking about bankers and the GFC after all...

Deepest Sympathy

It is always a time of great sadness and loss when a parent passes whatever the circumstances and the passing of our late Prime Minister's mother is no different.

I tender my deepest sympathy to Ms Clarke and her Family at this saddest of times.

RIP Margaret McMurray


As the parties complete their "Party Lists" that are supposed to give a broad appeal to the electorate, the Idiocy of selection begins to portray the inanity of selecting the 'inadequate', in the mistaken belief it will enhance the 'Brand'.

Long time union Hack Andrew Little who firmly believes that as he has had a large bunch of socialists hanging on his every word he is a potential labour leader.

Ex Federated Farmers National President Don Nicolson, Don who, after a few years as chief lobbyist for primary producers, a collective that sensibly don't leave a name in that position for too long, has invited himself into the running for a top spot on the ACT list.

Ex labour party member, avowed lesbian, part Maori relatively young Claudette Hauiti is said to be being considered for a prominent place on the National list.

Ex everythings John Minto, Sue Bradford and assorted other 'so far left flotsam' have attached their wagons to the racist Nga North man of the moment.

The more demeaning outcome of MMP brings these wannabes to the list without any scrutiny of real ability to sit in the bighouse where their collective abilities will be abused, harnessed, or bribed to maintain longterm pollies in power and maybe, just maybe some may actually contribute something of value to the Nation.

Whether one is a supporter of MMP, FFP or any other system used, the total lack of assessment by exposure to the real voters allows mediocrity to flourish.
It is one thing to convince by effort, commitment and contribution as an aspiring Polly as required in the FFP system where most candidates had to serve an apprenticeship as a candidate in a hopeless cause where they were able to prove themselves.
I have vivid memories of Derek Quigley going up against Mabel Howard in Sydenham, a labour seat that would have required a swing of around 80% to change, but after a couple of vain if enthusiastic attempts he was deemed suitable and fit to succeed Bill Gillespie in Rangiora.
By then he had established his credentials in the party. That Falloon and the others lost their bottle when he tried to reign in the excesses of Muldoon is another story, I know who I would want in my corner in a crunch.

So we have the rather degrading spectacle of wannabes prostituting themselves in pursuit of a place at the trough with scant regard of their fitness to carry out the role.
A union Hack who is going to make the transformation from Cloth Cap to Top Hat.
A rainbow warrior who wants us to believe she only joined Labour for research purposes, yeah right.
A Farmer who hasn't worn red bands in the shit for years wanting to wear English Brogues to work.
And a bunch of Radical protestors who want more access to the Trough in the bighouse.

And most think MMP is the best system, I say BULLSHIT to that.

Last Boarding Call

I see that very astute young reporter from the SST has been staking out Takapuna bistro/bars again.

This time he caught Tree Pisser and Horse Wankerer, leaving after a hefty five hour consultation on the forthcoming election campaign and the virtues of assorted $100 per bottle shiraz and pinot griz.

Poor old Winston. Once they were outside, he didn't realise until too late that Williams was just behind him.

"SNAP" went the camera, as realisation soaked in.

No tree in Northshore will be safe.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


'Electoral Officers Battle Surge (in) Bogus Enrolments'.

Now, on the balance of probabilities, which political Party is likely to be behind this?

Clue ... KFC and South Auckland.


As Adolf wends his way to Fiji the Veteran and Mrs Veteran are in the final stages of packing prior to our departure for the UK at the weekend.

I can report the ritual of trying to persuade memsahib that no, we do not need to take the kitchen sink, is in full play. We try to make it over there every two years or so to leech off our son and daughter-in-law and teach New Zealandese to the grandchildren.

Our son is a fairly senior officer in the British military and his Mess, just outside of Portsmouth, was Eisenhower's D-Day Headquarters. The Map Room (not open to the public) has been preserved exactly as it was on D-Day and I will be checking that out as well as Ike's bedroom, where he reputedly worked on forging new relationships with the British via his driver, Kate Summersby.

While Mrs Veteran disappears 'Oop North' to visit friends I will spend some time in London on a refurbished barge moored at Canary Wharf owned by a good friend Bret Bestic. Bret is well known to anyone who served in the NZ Army. He commanded our Battalion in Singapore 1979-80 and retired as a Brigadier after a distinguished military career. He later served as the 'Governor' of Paremoremu Prison but for the last decade or so has travelled the world working for the United Nations as a point man for the UN Food Programme.

Have visited the Imperial War Museum before but intend going back there as well as having a first time look at Churchill's wartime bunker cum cabinet office.

So my blogging will be taking second place unless Winston manages to roll Phil or ACT do a 'come back Rodney, all is forgiven' or John Key is caught in bed with Sue Bradford (or should that be if anyone is caught in bed with Sue Bradford?).

Holiday Mode

Adolf and The Cook fly out for Fiji at 0605 tomorrow morning so, it's light blogging for the next three weeks. (Adolf booked a cab to the airport six weeks ago and today found there was no record of the booking. Thus did the local cab company toss away $240 worth of revenue.)

The Cook has been practicing drinking gin and tonics for a week.

I might get near a cafe once or twice a week to see what follies Goff, Gillard and the BAJA have been up to. But then again, I might not - that's the beauty of Fiji. Don't worry about today when there's always tomorrow.

It used to be just a short hop from Auckland - two hours fifty but this time there's an hour and a half to Melbourne and then five hours to Nadi. When we decided a couple of years ago to move here, Virgin was operating a bi-weekly direct flight from Adelaide to Nadi but that was discontinued some time ago.

Oh well, it's just another day tacked on at each end.

We've been going to the same spot now for over fifteen years. A timeshare called Malololailai Lagoon Resort, on Plantation Island, about ten miles off the coast at Nadi.

When we first visited it was pretty primitive.
  • You took the island ferry and were literally dropped off, along with your luggage, at sea into a long boat.
  • The place was surrounded by mosquito and cane toad infested swamp.
  • No swimming pool.
  • There were three pretty basic resorts, Plantation, Musket Cove and Malololailai Time Share
  • The island was pretty much undeveloped, with no houses outside the resorts.
Now the swamps are drained and turned into canals with myriad flash houses. Owen Glen has a place on top of the hill. There is a new resort up the other end of the island. Pretty swanky apparently. No kids allowed. Flash houses have sprung up all over the place but seem largely to be unoccupied.

Still a great place to go. That's the time share in the foreground, with Musket Cove Resort mid-frame(you can see the general store by the marina) and away in the distance, the start of Plantation Resort.

No radio, no TV, no wireless internet, no loud vehicle exhausts, the beer tastes great, three or four 'good' restaurants, a big communal barbecue, the lagoon is fabulous when the tide's in and there's a big swimming pool.

The local store sells all the groceries you need at slightly inflated prices but we always stay on the mainland for a couple of nights beforehand and stock up on meat, booze and dry groceries.

One of the very best buys in the Nadi supermarket last time was a 5kg bag of Punja's long grain white rice for something like $NZ$0.70 per kg. We'll live on stir fries (with out own cooking facilities) and maybe eat out just once or twice. And there'll be a bag or rice in the return luggage.

Anyway, you guys and gals enjoy your snow.

Thursday morning at 1100 hrs I'll be sipping on a G & T under a coconut palm down by the lagoon, thinking fond thoughts of all those irate, illiterate and incoherent commenters who will have nothing to do for three weeks.


For three years this country endured 9 long years of 3D politics.


We have enjoyed three years of C3 politics


Apparently, if the polls are to be believed, the electorate still enjoys the latter.

Reading through the reactions to the welfare adjustments announced in Wellington, it looks as though the Socialists may well be bleeding to death.

Most of what Key and Bennett announced at the Nat Party Conference should have been done years ago and IMO it should be extended to all benefits, as I see welfare as a hand up, not a hand out.

Too often the media, when giving coverage to societal problems, portray the standout facet common to most, as a degree of dysfunction facilitated by a welfare outcome that is poorly utilised, abused or misdirected. The changes outlined at the weekend are steps to address that and the electorate is being given enough advance notice to enable an informed vote.

Clearly, the mob at the 'substandard' are craving a return to the 3 D politics.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Politics Really Is Simple

A blog comment encapsulates the last year or so of Labor history in Australia,

Now, let me get this straight.......

A loser took over from a loser because he lost his way. But now, that same loser may be one of the only two losers able to lose the next election. Unless an old time loser is able to lose it for them.

Great position to be in........ALP......the The Australian Losers Party.

I like it.

Just in case you're not quite up with the play, in order of appearance ........

  • 'Loser' number one - Gillard
  • 'Loser' number two - Rudd
  • 'Two losers' are not residents of France. Rudd and Gillard.
  • 'Old time loser' - Crean -who never won or lost the federal election. They kicked him out before his first term ended.


On Channel ten's 'The Bolt Report' there was a panelist who looked like an aged version of Dinah Lee. She was not lacking in substance between the ears, however.

When asked to comment on the meteoric rise of ex party leader Simon Crean in the betting odds for a new Labor leader, she replied:

"Well you know it's not that long ago that every body was talking about the ABC.

Anybody But Crean

Now it seems they want a new programme and they've switched to the BBC

Bring Back Crean"

The Comedy From Canberra - 2011 Series (Updated)

Update: Here's the latest. Our expat hero and public relations expert ripped into a Sally Army employee at a public meeting protesting the proliferation of poker machines. Doesn't he know that in Australia, tearing into the Sallies is akin to pissing on Grandma?

Politics in New Zealand largely is civilized, tame and boring, with the exception of leg over lad games in ministerial digs, that is. Or tennis ball stuffers, or hotel carpet wetters and other such like.Link

All of these pale alongside Australia's latest cause celebre.

It has all the elements one ever could want. Raunchy sex by the truck load, a tall poppy dobbed in by one of the prols, a string of preposterous excuses and evasions but best of all, the very likely potential to topple the Gillard Brown/Green gummint in one hit. Takes me right back to the days when Australia's smartest prime minister, Gough Whitlam, was done over by Australia's dumbest premier, Jo Bjelke-Petersen who managed to spike the Senate, leading to Whitlam's eventual dismissal and subsequent election loss.

And best of all, the bastard who's in the gun this time was born in Wellington! ! ! The media here haven't picked up that salient fact just yet. Gillard is about to be sunk by another Kiwi. (Jo Bjelke-Petersen was born in Dannevirke,) The Ockers were pretty quick to claim Nancy Wake and Phar Lap so I wonder how soon they'll throw this one back.

Anyway, what's the deal?Link
As Helen Clark did in her last term, Julia Gillard has a paper thin majority in the House of Reps, namely one. So you can see, she can be tossed out in the event of just one inconvenient heart attack or a troublesome scandal leading to a by-election. The way the polls are at present, she might not even hang on to her own seat, it's that bad for Labor.

Out of the blue has come just such a juicy, delectable scandal.

The Labor MP for the NSW seat of Dobell and ex Health Services Union national secretary has been dobbed in to the Liberals - with full documentary evidence - for allegedly using his union credit card to pay for services rendered by an upper class knock shop when he was head of the union. A union member has lodged a formal complaint against Thompson with the police. (They don't bloody like Kiwis in NSW!)

A mere $15,000 dollars.

He has put forth the excuse that even though his signature is on the chits and is contained in the formal expense approval process, it wasn't him who did the high class knocking. Apparently one is to believe it was another person who cannot be identified and who has since reimbursed the fifteen grand. You know, like your three year old's 'little friend' only he can see.

The politician's name happens to be Thomson. Political parties throughout Australia and new Zealand should remind themselves NEVER to preselect for candidacy any person with the surname of Thomson or any variation of it.

Anyway, this morning Adolf received an unverified and unedited transcript of an alleged interview between an unnamed and unverified MP and an unnamed and unverified TV channel chief political reporter. Let's leave out the preliminaries and cut to the chase:-

CPR: Mr ..................., when are you going to resign? (He was trained by Fran Mold)

MP: Resign? Don't be so ******* stupid. I haven't done anything wrong. It's all a put up job by those dirty bastards in the Liberal party.

CPR: But you signature is on the chits and the final approval.

CT: Naaah that's bullshit, mate. I never signed those chits. They're forgeries and I never knew it was a brothel when I approved them. And anyway, the bloke who spent the money has since reimbursed the union.

CPR: So who was the person who spent the money?

CT: Sorry mate. Can't tell yer that. Wouldn't be the right thing, would it?

CPR: Isn't $15,000 quite a lot of money to spend at a brothel over three months?

CT: Naaah mate, you're wrong again. It was six months and that works out to less than $600 per week. Pretty reasonable, I would have thought. Jeezers mate, don't you realise the stress that's involved in heading up a big union? Bloody hell, every day I was surrounded by unionists! I mean nobody gave a shit about John Kennedy. I'm like him. If I don't get some serious hard poontang after three days I get migraines. Six hundred bucks gets you an hour on Monday to prepare for a hard week and another hour on Friday to get over it.
We'll get in into the award one day.

CPR: But what about your wife?

CT: Listen you slimy bastard, you just leave my wife out of this. Have you no respect for wimmin? Wives are for cooking and breeding. They're no good for hard ******* twice a week. You need relays for that.

CPR: OK Mr .................., sorry I intruded on your personal life. There were a number of calls logged on your cell phone to the brothel at about the time the bookings and payments were made.

CT: How ******* dumb are you, mate? Don't you read the news papers? It's those fuckers down at Fairfax. They hacked into my phone and planted them phone calls.

The interview then became incomprehensible and CPR departed.

You know it's so bizarre, it could almost be true.

Maybe I Missed Something......?

I blinked twice when I read this editorial in today's Herald.

The Act Party has taken a desperate step by declaring at this early stage that it will give National another confidence and supply agreement after the election.
I blinked because it was the first I had heard of the Good Doctor's announcement and I thought I had kept up a reasonably thorough scrutiny of news each day from NZ via The Herald, Stuff and blogs.

I'm not going to rush off and ask my friends in ACT what on earth is going on because if I did I would feel honour bound not to disclose our conversations. So, here are the questions which cross my mind:

  • Was this a decision made jointly by the caucus and the board or was it another 'executive' decision by the leader, as with the reopening of the Maori Wars?
  • Is the leader claiming defeat before the starters gun has been fired?
  • In what way will this decision help ACT electorally between now and November?
  • Does the leadership expect ACT to have just one seat in the new parliament?
  • To whom will all the voters who deserted Rodney Hide and the National Party turn?
  • Has Dr Brash just handed Mr Craig that elusive five percent party vote so that HE can properly negotiate a position of influence with National?
  • If ACT is unable and unwilling to continue Rodney Hide's brilliant example of quiet co-operative negotiation on key ACT policies, why the hell should anyone vote for a party which essentially has become a Jim Anderton lookalike, stalking the streets of Epsom?
Just wonderin' aloud.

Someone Got It Wrong

My pick is the broad.

Reporting on the Gnats conference, here is Tracy Watkins.

But it also appears to have done a poor selling job among its own members with Finance Minister Bill English facing questions from party members during a public session of the National Party conference in Wellington today.

Apparently two delegates stood up during a question and answer session and asked some questions about the proposed share sale process. Just two people out of 600. Lefty journos shouldn't try so hard to help their political mates.

Reporting on a different Gnats conference in the same city on the same day, here is John Armstrong.

You would have found more signs of life in an ancient, long-sealed burial crypt than could be discerned during the greater portion of the National Party's dreary weekend conference.

Here's the takeaway quote from the astute John Armstrong:

The policy has "winner" stamped all over it - at least in electoral terms. It will find favour with many middle-ground voters turned off by Labour's capital gains tax.

It is the kind of policy that a lateral-thinking Labour Party should have been promoting to confound its critics and shed once and for all its lingering image of political correctness in order to recapture some of the huge number of male voters who have switched to National.

I must say exactly the same thought crossed Adolph's mind as the policy was being announced.


Must be election year. The polies are talking at us again, as opposed to talking past each other.

Kiwisaver and retirement income are in the spotlight again.

When I got hitched in ,I had a few quid in the bank and a 1000 pound whole of life policy.
On the birth of my firstborn the life insurance 'agent', note he wasn't a 'Financial Consultant', led me to increase my whole of life to a level that would buy a house in the city should my wife graduate to widowhood and my child become the child of a solo mum. There was no DPB but swmbo would have become eligible for a widows benefit or pension as it was known then.
Some 30 years later, the paucity of the ability of those two policies to achieve the intended outcome was eroded to a point where swmbo could have barely afforded a cheap section in the budget area of Masterton with the sum insured plus "bonuses'.

That is the enormous problem with the concept of providing for retirement in the eyes of those embarking on their earning phase of life. The freekin Government just can't stay out of it.

  • When I started "saving" the premiums did not incur tax.
  • Inflation was around the basic interest rate or under.
  • Social security was funded by a fixed proportion if income tax.

Then the polies rediscovered the lure of cynical manipulation of the rort. Bidding for votes as opposed to selling a policy for a way forward became the method.

Today the government adjusts the way Kiwi Saver is structured.

WFF makes some 60% of earners dependent on the gummint for income along with those on the WINZ payroll.

A mishmash of "free" services are offered without reference to actual need, cost or who is paying.

The DPB, unemployment benefits, sickness benefits, hardship grants, National Superannuation et al become the planks in a party's manifesto, while policies for growing the cake, rationing services, self reliance and personal responsibility are ignored or buried.

When a 20 something is looking at a TAXED pay check against the real world of consumption based government expenditure that along with decimating the reward his work is producing; and borrowing at a level whose enormity is beyond comprehension; is it any wonder "saving" is the last consideration in financial planning? Particularly when viewed against the clear fact that dear old auntie Agnes in the 'rest home' gets an identical treatment regime whether she is funding it or the Gummint is.

So, instead of introducing a policy mix that rewards the prudent and penalises the profligate, we will continue with the pay everyone and borrow to fund it until we equal or overtake Greece, when just like them, most won't accept the reality of bankruptcy and will take to the streets in protest.

07 44 15 9-08 2011

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The table has 100 mm on it


I thought I was going to have to fire up the 2 Kw Honda generator but the power has just been restored. Looks like around 60mm on my deck, might post some pics later.

PMofNZ was top again but no echocfish.

1 Akaroa Lighthouse, no longer on the East Head but relocated to a headland just south of the Cruising Club in the inner harbour. Sadly the mechanism was damaged in the Sept quake but will be restored by the little band of helpers.

2 South Rangatiki Viaduct built as part of the Mangaweka deviation around 1980 when the old Mangaweka Viaduct was dismantled. Those foundation structures were still visible when I last travelled the SH1.

3 Cooks Gardens Wanganui.

4 Opuha Dam Control gates NE of Fairlie just off the Geraldine Highway, well worth a visit for an example of a private enterprise river flow augmentation system when water is released into the tributary of the Opihi river to allow summer irrigation use, maintain adequate flows and generate power to the grid as a bonus.

5 Sir Ronald Algie a past Minister of Education in the Holland Government later a distinguished Speaker of the NZ Parliament.

So no cigar people but thanks for taking part. Next Sunday we will do it again