Sunday, June 19, 2011

Work for the dole yeah right.

Mana party candidate calls for the unemployment benefit to be raised to the adult minimum wage and those collecting it should do community work.

That will include Patrolling disputed lands,
Horticultural activities,
Pest control around Crops,
Fleet management of the vehicles required to access the remote crop locations.
Managing Marae gatherings and providing security,
Taking part in Hikoi, Carkoi, Buskoi,
Rent-a-mob activity
Oh and if they have more dole money chances are that Hatfields war-chest will benefit.


PM of NZ said...

The numbers for Hone in the exit polls must be really really crap.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You forgot about transportation of essential liquids.

Barnsley Bill said...

And child care

Tinman said...

Child care?

The Veteran said...

'Work' is another racist term perpetuated by honkiland as another excuse for punishing Maori ... this from the gospel according to Hone.

Responsible Maoridom will, on Saturday, vote to end Hone's fantasy world of the never never if they have any sense.

Anonymous said...

don't forget the collectors of the tithe/'Koha' which will be due for breathing the wairua of the Tangata Whenua, and then there will be the Taniwha soothers, those little beasties don't need just a waiata to soothe their ragged nerves these days, what all the whitey cars and trucks and planes and boats causing all manner of loss of cave sleep

DenMT said...

Nice to see that dog-whistle racism is alive and well on this blog, which disappears further and further down the gurgle with each passing day it seems.

(Cue 'PC nonsense, blah blah')