Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wishart May Just Have Done Us A Favour

Many in the Media are very exercised over Ian Wishar'ts book on Macsyna King's version of the circumstances that led to the deaths of her sad little twins Chris and Cru.

While I agree with Inventory 2's disgust at commercialising this appalling subject I would not seek to stop its publication. I would like to see it made compulsory for year 12s accompanied by supporting facts as to how welfare abuse ruins lives. I am not talking about genuine need for people facing unforeseen problems in their life but those who attempt to use welfare as a lifestyle choice. The sort of subject matter those who believe throwing money at a problem rather than seeking the cause and remedying it, would completely ignore as they seek further ways to take that money from the successful and selfreliant and hand it to the Macsyna Kings of this world to enable them to selfdestruct and in her case take two innocent lives with her. Unfortunately she is alive, well, of breeding age and her hedonistic lifestyle supported by welfare will enable her to repeat the disaster many more times before the biological clock batteries go flat.

Lindsay Mitchell, a must read for those who understand the totally destructive darkside of welfare,, says it much better than I.

I have not read the book and it is unlikely I will, but Wishart, love him or hate him does actually do research before he writes, a pretty rare thing among the published these days.


Oswald Bastable said...

I wish some of the inmate files I have had to read were accessible by the public. It would be a bit of an education!

It does no good to hide the true face of evil...

dad4justice said...

Well done Ian Wishart, the police and pollies are stuffed in the head.Hey pig who killed the twins, Kirsty Bentley etc...etc...??? Our dirty cops are as thick as the dumbos' that pretend to run the country.What a disgrace.
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Anonymous said...

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dad4justice said...

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