Monday, June 20, 2011

Who'd Be A Journalist?

Especially a political journalist?

The nation's scribes will be hard put to bring straight faced commentary to bear upon this week's Roy Morgan poll which puts Labour squarely back where it belongs. The last Roy Morgan was a dud apparently but that didn't stop the media from reporting on 'new confidence for Labour' and 'prospects improving for Goff.'

Well! THAT didn't last long.

National has bounced back to 54% (up 4%) while Labour has plummeted to 30% (down 6%). A 23 point margin.

At last ACT has achieved a marginal bounce - up to 3.0%. It appears Dr brash may have attracted some of the momentarily deluded who moved to Labour for just one poll.

The NgaPuhi greaser who owes us $158k is where HE belongs - on the skids at 2.5%.

Clearly Labour has achieved great things by it's strategy of attacking National man by man or woman by woman. It's worked wonders.

For National.

More please, Mr Mallard.

You've got to start feeling sorry for the poor bastards. Not only do they have no visible leadership and no money, they have no strategy either.


Nick said...

That 4% are those who gave to Labour in the forlorn hope Whale oil wouldn't find out. There will be another 4% next time also.

David said...

I guess that is why it hasnt been reported anywhere.

Anonymous said...

quite blatantly a rogue poll... when will you ever learn

Anonymous said...

"Damn these rogue polls!" exclaimed Goofy to Ducky.

Anonymous said...

Tis the polling trend we want to see.