Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Utter Baloney

Guyon Espiner calls himself a political reporter?

Clearly he doesn't know how to count. Here's his ill thought outburst from today's 'Breakfast Show.'

ONE News political editor Guyon Espiner believes National could lose the election if they get the decision on Christchurch land wrong.

He told TV ONE's Breakfast that it is vital the government gets it right.

"[There are] huge risks, you'd lose an election, despite the moral and ethical problems of getting it wrong and people not getting a fair deal, it's massive and they have got to get it right," he said.

A pity he didn't count up the number of voters in Christchurch's metropolitan electorates before he opened his trap.

Leftie commenter Milkenmild over at Farrar's Troll Farm counted the numbers and here's his conclusion.

  1. mikenmild (453) Says:


    Your question interested me. There were 250,000 party votes cast in the seven Christchurch electorates last time, out of 2.3 million nationwide. The proportions for Christchurch were roughly the same as nationally. Even a 20% swing to Labour across the Christchurch electorates would only shift the nationwide proportion by about one percentage point. Basically, Christchurch is too small to count for much nationally.

Sounds much more sensible than a breathless and over excited TV spruiker.


Anonymous said...

FUCK are people going to vote in this erection?? which party?dumb or dumber with the same old shits from the past,.Try something new DONT VOTE,stay home ,take the kids or little other half out. Voting only encourages the garbage in power or the garbage who wants to get into power (REMEMBER YOUR VOTE IS WORTH DIDDLY SQUAT AND THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT),remember DONT VOTE, and you will feel like you have not been ripped off.

Anonymous said...

Coz only Christchurch residents give a shit about the future of Christchurch right? That's what you're saying. Genius.


I can see the Christchurch decision having an impact nationally.
But can any of us see Liarbour as getting it right?
Based on their record, I doubt it.
I had wondered if the government was taking too long with its deliberations, but the recent and many aftershocks show the government taking its time was the correct move.
The wholesale clearence of some of the eastern suburbs might be necessary. I doubt Woolston will be missed.
As long as people are compensated adequately and a new and better Christchurch is built, that is all that matters.

gravedodger said...

Guyon Espiner often seems to bring his personal view to bear and with his posturing and attempted gravitas gives a theatrical spin to his analysis that is too often off target.
He often fails to actually tell us what he sees as he is too involved in portraying his predictions and analysis.

Why don't apolitical journalists occupy the trade anymore or at least some that can leave their politics at home.

Mort said...

perhaps he misses the special interviews with Carter