Sunday, June 12, 2011

Under The Radar

The US antique media attacked Sarah Palin and her family from the moment she was chosen by John McCain as his vice presidential running mate in 2008. New Zealand's lazy media picked up many of these fabrications and repeated them verbatim Much has been written of the media frenzy which ensued and I won't add to it here, suffice to say a huge investment of travel, reporters' time and editorial energy went into one of the most blatant attempts ever by media to demonise one candidate and idolise the other. (Just look where THAT got them! Their BAJA President)

What has not been reported widely in the same antique media is the manner of Sarah Palin's revenge which is unfolding before our very eyes. Of course you will struggle to find this story anywhere else but on blogs or Fox News.

She has signaled loudly and clearly to the NYT, WAPO, CNN, ABC, CBS and assorted other Democratic Party water carriers the words most feared by the news media.


How and when did this happen?

A couple of weeks ago she set off on a nationwide bus tour which many took as a precursor to announcing a bid for the GOP presidential nomination. The press went wild and set out to pursue her. Trouble is, she didn't invite them onto the bus as they expected and then demanded. Not only were they not invited but she didn't tell them where she was going to be each day. The howls of anguish and outright indignation were palpable. One damn fool editor even claimed she was creating a traffic hazard by forcing all those reporters to chase after the bus in their own cars. You really couldn't dream this up, even in Hollywood.

The bozos of the media are only now waking up to the fact she is going to campaign without them. She's doing it all though new media, town hall gatherings and street walks. She is a very effective campaigner. No press conferences and no interviews with the thinly disguised liberal enemies from the media.

Only a few days ago these enemies went berserk over a remark she made about the famous ride of Paul Revere. She said he had warned the British about an approaching American force. Journalists across the nation went into top gear labelling her as stupid, dimwitted, uneducated, thick and anything else derogatory they could find in their computerised thesauri. "She didn't warn the British, she warned the Americans" they screamed in unison.

Trouble is, she was right and they were wrong.

The media never got past the preschool nursery rhyme version of the Paul Revere story whereas Sarah Palin had read the real history, not just a popular poem. It took a couple of university professors to point this out. So you see folks, Sarah Palin actually is better read than Catie Couric! Suck on that, all you woofter self appointed intellectuals.

The next part of the revenge happened two days ago. During the 2008 campaign the left leaning media (bless their hearts) OIAd every email sent and received by Ms Palin when she was Governor of Alaska. (Funny thing is, if only the dumb bastards had asked for Obama's emails when he was a community organiser, the United States might have been spared the indignity of it's most destructive and incompetent president ever.)

The e-mails arrived the other day and suddenly the media were caught short. Ms Palin has skewered them by having the emails released only in the state capital Juneau and only as hard copy - 24,000 pages no less. So, the dim bulbs in the media had to go all the way to Alaska and cart a couple of dozen heavy cartons of paper back to their journalistic shit holes in New York and Washington before they could begin to look for dirt. But then it dawned on them that they didn't have enough staff to do a search. They thought they were going to get the lot handed to them on a plate electronically.

Oh shit, they cried as Sarah laughed her head off.

Both the New York Times and the Washington post have asked for unpaid volunteers to come in and do their dirty work. They are so close to death they can't afford to do their core business and now resort to begging on the streets for volunteers.

What ever else you do over coming months, do NOT write this lady off. Sarah Palin is smarter, brighter and more astute than the whole Washington press core put together. Whether she runs for president or not, by hell she sure is galvanising the centre right and right in American politics and Obama's coming defeat will be attributable largely to her political skills.

The story does not end there. Without any hullabaloo John Key and the NACTional gummint have adopted similar tactics with our own dead beat almost openly Labour supporting media.

John Armstrong let the cat out of the bag the other day when he observed that Cabinet Ministers no longer give interviews to Radio Left Wing's aggressively pro Labour Morning Report. You see, the purpose of a public interview is to get your message across and the last thing you need is some strident, rude, sinew popping jerk reporter doing his or her best to trip you up. So it's a no brainer. There's plenty of audience on commercial radio and in fact they are more likely to be the people you need to reach. Radio left wing with it's pathetic daily line up of socialists in disguise has a minuscule listenership comprised almost entirely of died in the wool Greens or Labour supporters.

Why bash your head against the wall?

Then there was the town hall meeting in New Plymouth last week. Three hundred people turned up and got to hear and question their PM without any editorial interference from biased media. There will be many more such meetings as the Gummint seeks to counter Labour's lies so ably promoted by our very own necrotic antique media.


Simo said...

If you saw John Key interviewed by Shaun Plucket on TV3 this morning, WTF Plucket wouldnt let Key finish a sentence, kept interuppting him -AKA Radio Left Wing style, Kill Him must have giving him tution!!

Anonymous said...

"He who warned uh, the British that they weren't gonna be takin' away our arms, uh by ringing those bells, and um, makin' sure as he's riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free, and we were going to be armed."

This is her response to what she complained was a gotcha question: What are you up to today? Please run Sarah! It would be so so great!

Psycho Milt said...

You see, the purpose of a public interview is to get your message across and the last thing you need is some strident, rude, sinew popping jerk reporter doing his or her best to trip you up.

Well, yes, exactly. The last thing govt MPs want is reporters asking them questions to which the answers can only be politically damaging. Key is no more keen on that than Clark was.

Key's response seems to be to present himself for interviews only with people he can rely on to assist him rather than question him. I'm just not sure why you'd look on this as an excellent thing - next time there's a Labour PM and they decide they won't put themselves in front of journalists who'll make them look bad, how wonderful will you find it then?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's a real bastard, eh Milt. The game has changed and the left no longer controls the narrative.

Quelle horreure!

Anonymous said...

The left never "controlled the narrative" as you put it. They have a better grasp of reality though, that's pretty clear. It's particularly funny how annoyed you get when the media ask Palin and co questions and then have the temerity to write down the responses and report them word for word. I can see, though, why you find that horrifying.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 9:19


I don't believe I have referred to any such thing.

If you want to read the very finest mangled verbal garbage you can do no better than read any one of Obama's long winded fulla bullshit obfuscating explanations of why he hasn't totally fucked up America's economy.

Ackers said...

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he inherited a completely fucked economy from your mate George Adolf.

Haven't seen a Republican economic plan which wasn't just more of the same rired discredited economic bullshit they've trotted out since Reagan.

Tax cuts for the rich, that will fix it!

Bart said...

Nice to see a Kiwi writing something about Sarah Palin other than the standard US media drivel slavishly repeated by the NZ media. I noticed on the Herald website the other day the amazingly important (not) "Paul Revere" story- amid ZERO "Weinergate" coverage- this while there was virtually no other USA news other than Weiner and "Revere" was already long forgotten.

To "Anonymous" below- you have put your finger on a favourite media trick when reporting anything Sarah Palin says- include all the "um"'s, "ah"'s, pauses etc. that are actually a completely normal part of verbal speech, and usually edited out when written down. The media trick is to leave them in when you want to portray the speaker as a dummy- a cheap shot, and one that is easily defended because they can not be accused of making anything up that wasn't actually said. They just don't edit out what they usually would for any other speaker.

Sarah 2012!


I noted the Herald repeating the errors over the Paul rever issue by it simply running copy sourced from the US.
That might be excusable since, as Kiwis, our knowledge of American history might not be that good.
But we have seen the media caught out with two blatant pieces of anti-Palin hysteria.
The first was discovered by NZ Conservative, which reported a comment at YahooNZ that Sarah Palin was 'evil.'
This made Gateway Pundit and many other overseas blogs.
The second case was The Guardian saying that 'aides' to Margaret Thatcher had branded Sarah Palin has nuts, which in some Indian newspapers had become that Baroness Thatcher had described Palin as nuts.
The Margaret Thatcher Foundation replied that Mrs Thatcher is too ill to see Sarah Palin and is probably in no fit state to have an opinion one way or another on her, and that the Guardian lacks credibility since it is both anti-Palin and anti-Thatcher.
I am of the opinion that National and ACT politicians should front up to all media to get their message across, but I can understand if they prefer to stick with the more trustworthy.
It might be necessary to bring the overt partisans back into line and act professionally, like they should.

Moist von Lipwig said...

"The second case was The Guardian saying that 'aides' to Margaret Thatcher had branded Sarah Palin has nuts, which in some Indian newspapers had become that Baroness Thatcher had described Palin as nuts."

I noticed the excretable Moana Mackey gleefully repeated these lies on the Labour blog. Just pathetic.

Flashman said...

Brilliant post! A+!