Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Triumph After Triumph

If Phil Goff keeps this up, he'll be having ticker tape parades down Wellington's main street. (Does wellington still have one or have they all been given over to poncy shot bars for pinko public servants and pollsters?)

Fresh from his boost in the Roy Morgan Poll, Goff has received endorsement from an astonishing quarter - the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

Naaah, I'm joking of course. The NZX has told him to Filk Off after his appalling effort to interfere in the contract process adopted by gummints of the day with private entities.

Goff tried to undermine the broadband deal by saying that Labour would renege on any contract between the gummint and Telecom. It will not escape the eye of the acute observer that this chicanery is a bit rich even for Phil. He was the bloke who sold Telecom off in the first place. Now he's trying to strip it of its market value, just as Clark did to Air NZ and to Auckland Airports.

The stock market just told the possum headed fool and his crooked cronies what the rest of NZ already knows. Goff's going nowhere in November but out the door.

Goff would have been all over John Key like a rash if Key had reneged on any of the maliciously damaging contracts entered into by Labour in its dying days. Train sets, BMWs anybody? Locked in massive pay increases for public servants over a five year term, anybody?

Why am I not surprised at this latest piece of dishonorable mischief? Because Clark's Labour party, currently sitting in opposition, was the most disgracefully dishonest and dishonorable administration ever seen in New Zealand. Pretty much every convention of parliamentary decency was broken by a gangster government in which Goff, King, Mallard and Cunliffe were enthusiastic accomplices.

The Labour leopard still has its same old spots, it's just that some of them have moved to New York.


gravedodger said...

What a sincere honest looking young man, would make a good Prime Minister some day.
Just like a used car five owners four rebuilds, three paint jobs, low miles (if you don't count the air-miles).

Reminds me of the hoary old anecdote of my childhood, "same old broom I've had for years, four new heads five new handles but same old broom".

kevin said...

'Anything for a headline goff'. What a clown. He seems to have dropped the coached cowpoke swagger but still has the fixed grin syndrome.

Budgieboy said...

What a shame I can only rate this post 5 out of 5... truly worth a 10!!!

Never a more accurate summation of the mongrels have I read.

pdm said...

Lockwood Smith dealt to Mallard this afternoon. I loved every second of it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

pdm, do you have a link to it?