Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stupid Stupid Stupid.

For over 50 years Westfield school in New Plymouth, has been offering carparking for fans attending matches at what is now known as Yarrow Stadium, apparently just across the road.
At $10 bucks a car, 300 cars , three RWC games, the BOT had budgeted for income of $9000.

They have fallen foul of the special "rules" governing exploitation of commercial activity within 500 meters of the stadium to be enforced by forty, yes forty inspectors from the Ministry of economic development who will visit provincial venues but they wont get anywhere near the game will they (Tui advt).

Whatever happened to existing use, natural justice, fairness, whatever.
What if it was an "emergency clinic" just across the road, would it be unable to operate.
How does making fans walk further to get to the stadium represent exploifuckingtation.


Ministry of Economic Development spokesperson has announced this activity will not come under the rules as "it is not considered Ambush Marketing"


Tinman said...

Or, of course they could have read the information supplied and applied for a (free?) license.

alex Masterley said...

I am dissapointed for Westown Schooland the punters as Guess what there will be no parking for those punters on the school ground.

These rules are starting to irritate me beyond belief.

Applications for licences to extend trading and licencing hours cost astonishing amounts of money and are accompanied by massive amounts of beauracracy.

I've got to the stage that I won't be drinking Heineken or using whatever card sponsors the WRC.
We're getting new curtains which will, in the interests of economy, be Lion Red Flags. Which will be displayed within the zone surrounding Eden Park.

I'm also over the jobsworths who run the traffic mismanagment around the park. They have completely stuffed up the spontineity that used to accompany games and made it an endurance test.

WWallace said...

Perhaps they could ask for a $10 donation instead of a $10 payment, to get around the restriction. (Just like school fees!)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Perhaps they could find a new maths teacher.

Anonymous said...

Alex - your Lion Red curtains are all legal - as long as Lion don't pay you.
Also live near eden Park - and it's beyond a joke. My kids are also now being sent home from school on the opening game - so I have to take a day off! - and I'll probably be running them all ove rthe place creating even more traffic!
And having fun getting past the Nazi SS on the traffic cordones - roll on Oct 25th

Moist von Lipwig said...

AF @ 11:02
"Perhaps they could find a new maths teacher."


KG said...

"Or, of course they could have read the information supplied and applied for a (free?) license."
How very...Kiwi!
Why the hell should they have to grovel to a bureaucrat for a licence?

gravedodger said...

Thanks Adolf, when dyslexia and dementia collide at speed maybe 300 cars escape to a carpark.
One self administered glancing blow to the jaw, about what SBW's latest victim could deliver.

Psycho Milt said...

Still, all of us can feel a stirring of patriotic pride at paying 40 bureaucrats to help protect the IRB's profits from suffering due to the activities of ordinary New Zealanders. It's important for the govt to remind us of our place.

WAKE UP said...

For those of us who have been pissed off with NZ rugby's attitude (simultaneously sanctimonious, faux-religious, grasping and full of $$$ bullshit)for what seems like years now, stuff like this is just a further nail in rugby's long-overdue coffin.

Ironically, the entire WRC debacle-in-the-making may well be the final nail in a lid that has been begging to be firmly shut for some time.

Anonymous said...

Hosting this wretched cup is akin to putting on the Olympics. A giant loser. To blazes with the RWC. It's a private company interfering in the running of NZ for their own profit.

And to blazes with Heinecken. It's a low order beer, overpriced and tasteless.


baxter said...

I'm sick of that bellowing Sgt Major on the Sky Ads to. I have rapidly switched channels ever since he started.

showmethetaxcut said...

Only problem is George, you and me (the taxpayer) are underwriting this bloody loser.

Anonymous said...

Keep voting and expecting change while arguing over whether left or right wing are better govt models. All looks much the same to me and about as appealing as cold sick.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of that bellowing Sgt Major on the Sky Ads to. I have rapidly switched channels ever since he started.

Its a great ad,our downtrodden country needs a backbone and the SM could provide it.There are to many whimpy pink shirted posters around.

Flashman said...

Isn't wonderful that 40 [count 'em!] high-viz jobsworths are equipped with laminated ID badges and clipboards, indoctrinated with a three-day "training workshop" and are then dispersed around the country to "enforce" rwc advertising restrictions. [Hell I bet half of them immediately went out and bought a pair of "comfortable shoes" whilst the other half put metal studs in their footwear soles - to get the right jackboot clatter-and-click on the pavement, you understand.]

All at the taxpayer's expense. And all for the sake of The Great God Fekking Rugby.