Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Price of a Carbon Tax

For the first time ever, opposition leader Tony Abbott has out-polled the pear shaped PM in the preferred Prime Minister stakes.

Newspoll has Abott up two points at 41% and Gillard down two points at 39%. She's even managed to break Paul Keating's record for being the most unpopular prick in history to occupy The Lodge. Her decline is closely aligned with her infamous reneging of "There'll be no carbon tax from any government I lead"

All it needs now is for Australia to break into technical recession upon the release of June quarter GDP figures and you'll see an outbreak of new bumper stickers across the country.





gravedodger said...

My information is that JGill's best way out of this is a deadcat bounce when she hits the basement floor

Anonymous said...

she'll be lucky to smoke a dead dog's donger she is such a gonner.
The only carbon getting taxed will be her arse as it gets smoked out of Parliament

royaloaks said...

Silly bitch is way out of her depth. Socialist drongo.