Wednesday, June 29, 2011

People or Penguins

Elderly lady dies alone in her garage after discharge from hospital and unable to access house because she couldn't find her key.

Experts meet to discuss future of 'Happy Feet' following colonoscopy and treatment for weakness when he/she turns up on beach in distressed state.

How many bloody "Experts" met to discuss the future of that unfortunate old lady from Gore?


merleneshedlock said...

How many 'Experts' turn up to discuss the neglect and abuse of dogs tied up in the many back yards across New Zealand, that just simply rot at the end of a chain?

KG said...

Yes indeed--the "acceptable" face of animal cruelty.

MacDoctor said...

I have worked at Gore hospital. They have a policy that frail elderly patients can only be discharged into the care of a proper caregiver. I can only surmise that this poor lady's caregiver did not turn up as arranged.

Sadly, this lady was also fatally reluctant to involve her neighbor or the police to get her inside. This reluctance to ask for help is distressingly common with the elderly.

A very sad story and, yes, much more relevant than a stupid penguin

showmethetaxcut said...

Yes let's blame the penguin. Orr did I miss your point?

gravedodger said...

@ showmethetaxcut, Orr you sure did, It was a penguin heading for the very same destination as Cleeses' "norwegian blue", that is how it is in nature.
Please compare the tragedy of the Gore citizen with the Emperor Penguin as regards importance, so impressively covered by our oh so objective media. The lady had friends, family and acquaintances who have modest expectations of health care and too often fail to reach anywhere near that which was delivered so expeditiously to a bird that got lost.

There were obviously very few penguins on the bloody "Waiting List".

showmethetaxcut said...

Pretty sure the experts on penguins are different from the (apparent paucity of) experts on elder care. So it's not an issue of expert resources.

Just cos there was a big fail for this elderly woman, does not mean we should fail the penguin as well.

So GD, no. Still not getting your point.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Stop being so bloody obtuse.

A four year old would 'get the point' that there has been wall to wall media coverage of the damned penguin and bugger all about the old dear in Gore.

Now, do you have something else to do?

showmethetaxcut said...

Adolf, I was going to make a point about the value of human life vis a vis the importance of the lives of any other inhabitants of this planet. But I can't be fucked now. It seems that what matters is the priorities of the MSM. And I am no fuckin' greenie btw.

Anonymous said...

They'll take the penguin back to SE NZ, put in the ocean and orcus bloodius biggus or a white shark will probably eat it within sight of the shore. I think that's funny and a typical return on a govt investment.

gravedodger said...

My ego is bruised.
19 'full house hands' dealt then a two of spades on two pairs.
I nearly rated it a 5 myself to make an even 20.
Thanks to all who read my output, I mean that, makes my day even when you disagree.
Of course it 'matters'