Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Owen McShane Living Dangerously

One of the funnier comments I've seen for a while appeared in the Alasdair Thompson thread over at Kiwiblog. Its the final sentence in a long comment from Owen McShane.

"Much of the outrage over Thompson’s comments seem to me to be driven by a lot of silly men indulging in an inverted feminist pissing contest."

You need to read David Farrar's original shock horror reaction to Thompson's reported statements to see the subtle humour.


Simo said...

Most people I have spoken to about this MSM beatup are sensing a shift in the tolerance to the utter garbage that the feminnazi's wheel out about every facet of New Zealand life. Although this guys delivery was not pretty, its does suggest an under current of "get over yourselves and your petty agendas". It had to be done and might shift us all a bit back to reality instead of the PC crap we are feed from this mob - to our kids through education and to the adults through MSM

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm afraid I'm having some difficulty picturing inverted femininsts pissing, let alone competing.