Thursday, June 9, 2011

Out For The Count

Meet The “B” Team



And Boscowan

Dr Brash marched into the ACT party board room and knocked them all for six with what now appears to be fictitious polling figures showing his personal following to be such that he would save the Party from itself and its heinous leader Rodney Hide. All they had to do was sack Rodney and install Don for the hallowed gates of Fiscal Policy to be thrown wide by an ever grateful John Key.

Boy oh boy, were they ever sold a pup! Perhaps the greatest political and tactical mess since Hitler invaded Soviet Russia.

Today’s Roy Morgan poll with its miserably pathetic 1.5% party vote pretty much seals the fate of the Bract Party. There has been no Brash bounce in any reputable polls so the party now is reduced to ineffectively fulminating from the sidelines as it sinks further into irrelevance. On their current performance they’ll struggle to get their leader into the house as a list member.

Whaleoil can crow all he likes about his new found bosom pals having an avalanche of money and new members coming in. However, everything is relative and a couple of hundred new members may indeed be an avalanche if your starting point was itself just a few hundred.

You can have all the money in the world and all the members you like – BUT - it’s VOTES you need and by all reliable polling since his coup, it is obvious that very few people indeed are inclined to vote for anything which remotely looks, sounds or smells like Dr Brash. It’s very sad. Particularly for those good folk who put their hearts, souls and effort into the ACT Party during the last ten or more years.

This new mob of amateurs reminds Adolf of that wonderful old song by The Wiffenpoofters of Yale University:

We’re poor little lambs, who’ve lost our way, Baa Baa Baa

We’re little black sheep, who’ve gone astray, Baa Baa Baa

The Statler Bros version is first class.


gravedodger said...

How much would Toyota want for the rights to their "bugger" advert. It conjures up a fertile field in my twisted mind.

Anonymous said...

People who work are terrified of Labour ever getting control of the country again.

So, the risk they now run is that people realise that voting for them may be a waste of a vote and so will vote National.


But Adolf you forgot to mention Labour went up 8 and National dropped 4.
Great to see the Greens lose a third of its support, sending them close to the 5% threshold.

Anonymous said...

Labour used to rant on that money bought elections. It was only true in that Labour would buy the election with handouts to short sighted voters.

Anonymous said...

New Zealand the way ACT wants it-

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

WSell no, Fairfact. I didn't forget. That's got nothing to do with this post which has everything to do with Dr Brash and his bold earlier predictions.

Did I hear '15%' anywhere?

He just got the decimal point in the wrong place.


Fair comment Adolf.
I was expecting more of a boost for ACT, I admit.
I haven't given up hope yet.
Adolf, I don't think you should worry too much about ACT stealing too much support from National that you need to attack them further.
With Liarbour up eight, we should all be heading that direction, united together, with all guns blazing.
I think it was Whale Oil that said rightly Liarbour did well because Gaffe was out of the country.
I cannot imagine the Darren Hughes business helping despite the police not pressing charges.
It still reminds us about the party's behavious and all the dirty deeds they committed.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Fairfacts, you make the same mistake as do all your uber right shouter mates. I am not attacking ACT.

What really makes me laugh is that those who accuse me of being unable to criticise the National Party will hear not a word of their own party's deficiencies. One has only to mildly observe some fact or another (like 1.5% PV) to be accused by the unintelligent of 'attacking.'

There is nothing I would like better than to see a competent, stable right wing party taking between five and fifteen percent of the party vote. But with this gang of dils at the helm, it just ain't going to happen.

Anonymous said...

they seem to forget Banks ran the worst ever Mayoral campaign last year........
They also forget that Epsom, as Hobson in the city ward booted him and C&R out over the eastern corridor......they don't like him much.

Anonymous said...

Act needs a full makeover, name change and management, then watch it soar with the eagles in Nov.

Whaleoil will be victorious.

Blair said...

Well I don't think Rodney Hide would be doing any better, and at least they are trying to change things up. What concerns me is the number of talented young people that may end up joining the old men on the clifftops of Masada. They should bail now. And yes, that includes Cactus Kate.

Flashman said...

ACT = busted flush.

But hey, if you want to throw money and effort at it...knock yourself out.

Anonymous said...

Is Roger Kerr a member of aged opps act???? idiot far right wingers seem to flock together