Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nigel Latta the real deal

Caught the Nigel Latta special on 'Christchurch coping with the aftermath of the quakes' TV one 20 00 hrs tonight.

Jeez that guy resonates as someone who lives in my world and talks sense that anyone can understand.

His common sense shines through and I loved his comments "all children will not need counseling", "best to attempt regaining and holding a sense of normality for kids", "try and avoid stress display by adults around children", all very rational advice.

The way he got alongside the troubled kids was quite inspiring. He seems to get to their level and draw them out with down to earth techniques so naturally. As one who employed the good Dr Spock as our guide to raising kids, Nigel seems so much more relevant.

A large proportion of the people I contact these days are getting close to the edge and his presentation, although clearly put together before the current upsurge of seismic activity (three little tremors while putting this post together) was very timely as the media whip up talk of abandoning ship and encourage the very natural frustration at the time delay on the plans for what areas will be abandoned for remediation. Yes it is tough particularly on those with equity at risk, there will be losses that wont be covered by EQC and the Insurance industry but talk of anything other than clearance while we have 5 and 6 richter events occurring are mindless and of no help at all. SWMBO was surfing around and caught Campbell with Gerry Brownlie, his white knuckles on the mike shaft and the mike threatening the Ministers face was not a good look.

We woke with a very sharp 5 this morning at 06 27 hrs. The total events on Geonet since Sept is closing in on 7500 and coping mechanisms are weaker now than at any time in the nearly 10 months since Sept 4th and that seems so long ago now.


alex Masterley said...

Watched it as well.
Excellent program with implications for the rest of us trying to bring up children.
I'm reluctant to criticise CERA and the Minister as i think they are still in an information gathering stage.

pdm said...

Missed the programme but if you guys are praising it it must have been well done.

As far as Alex last sentence is concerned I do wonder if the time has not come for a bit of a `rip tear and bust' clean up to happen and to hell with the red tape and bureaucratic bullshit. After all the Japs had some roads repaired within days after the tsunami.

royaloaks said...

Campbell is a stupid upstart of a person that thinks he is important. Trying to push Big Gerry around was not a good look. Campbells interview with Ken Ring a while ago confirmed to me he is tugger of the highest degree. Also, full moon last Monday!

Anonymous said...

No sorry don't agree, Nigel Latta is giving misleading and potentially damaging advice to all. To tell children they have monkeys in their head?? Load of codswallop. The only way to deal with trauma, for all of us, is to deal with the incident that has happened. He should stick to standup comedy.

gravedodger said...

Is it just me or are most of the anonymous commenters cowards, frightened of their own shadow.
Even an illiterate like me could master the addition of an identifying ID when I started commenting a couple of seasons ago.
I am not asking for full ID just something simple and that should be well withing the limits of the IQ, jeez someone turned the computor on.
I note the latest manifestation of genus anonymouse even struggled with the concept Latta used to get his message across, Monkeys in the kids hesd? FFS he was trying to use illustrative technique not literal.

Psycho Milt said...

In my experience, people who can't figure out how to write a name on their comments really don't have a hope of grasping concepts like "metaphor" or "analogy."

pdm said...

Simple solution I think - ban anonymous comments like is done over at The Sports Geek.

Anonymous said...

"The only way to deal with trauma, for all of us, is to deal with the incident that has happened."

Yep, deal with it. That doesn't mean recycling the event and memories for ever after and making something out of nothing. Maybe teenagers are screwed up because trivia has taken on such significance that when a biggie comes along they have no reserves of character to put it in perspective.

FOOS (frightened of own shadow)

Anonymous said...

Latta had no problem caving into John Keys view on the anti smacking legislation when he was being paid to come up with a report on the merits of it.

Sorry zero credibility for him. He is entertainment value only.