Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lucky or what?

I understand that the first of yesterdays significant quakes at 1300 hours (among the 80 or so recorded in the 24 hours) led to the evacuation of people working at the badly damaged iconic Time Ball Station above Lyttelton Port.

The second at 1420 at an even 6 Richter brought the ruins crashing to the ground with no injuries.

I wonder how many lives were spared with the timing and magnitude of the two events. The lesser getting successful evacuations completed before the greater one struck.

As we considered that the 6 yesterday was more violent in its manifestation here, more stuff off shelves etc, than the one on Feb 22nd, were lives spared due to the already vulnerable buildings being destroyed or at least abandoned. Thankfully the authorities were not thwarted by the increasingly shrill calls to allow more access to the red zone.

If the cumulative effects on people are replicated in our remaining buildings then I hope the re-inspection and evaluation systems are extremely thorough and rigorous because we are all becoming increasingly fragile.


Tinman said...

To be honest I thought the first shake yesterday (13:00) was more violent, if shorter, than the later 6.0.

I suppose it depends what area of ChCh you are in.

gravedodger said...

@ Tinman it appears Pigeon Bay got a bigger bash than us here in paradise. Yes they were quite variable
Update: the two main quakes have been upgraded to a 5.7 and a 6.3.
I had called the first at a 6.

Inventory2 said...

They're saying now that the two biggies yesterday were on a new fault line south of the Port Hills. Hope it's not back to square one for you guys.