Monday, June 20, 2011

Largely Missed .......... the sports media of the world is the fact that not just the winner of the US Golf Open is aged just twenty two but the runner up is only twenty three. Gone are the days when the pros only start to win during their mid thirties.

A superb effort by both of them although you could see the pressure getting to Jason Day by the seventeenth on the last day.


alex Masterley said...

More importantly, not a Yank in sight of young Rory.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, the commentators were quite miffed about that!

pdm said...

An outstanding effort by McIllroy who learned well from his Masters blow out. He really should have two Majors under his belt this year.

Of course McDowell won last year so the yanks are down the gurgler in their own open again - will it be Padraig Harrington next year to provide an Irish treble?

Anonymous said...

when has it ever been that the pros win in their thirties?
Nicklaus won in his early 20s, so did Woods, Els, Watson, Crenshaw. I could go on.

Yeah, Day felt the pressure all right, thats why he played the last 45 holes without a bogey.

you write some real dross finkiinseen

Chris P

Anonymous said...

Grown man hits little ball around artificial park. Wins prize.