Sunday, June 19, 2011


Watching Q & A this morning I was struck by the similarity between Hone and Winston. They both view themselves as messiahs on a crusade to slay dragons. Both are right into the blame game.

For Hone it is the white colonial 'mudderf***ers (read you and me) who are the root of all evil. Maoridom, by definition, is good and pure. Maori are owed and owed and owed for any and every misfortune that has ever visited upon them. Personal responsibility is a bad (and racist) word.

For Winston the 'bad guys' are anyone who dares to disagree with him (just ask Dail Jones, sometime President of NZ First, what happens to those 'brave' enough to ask the hard questions). But Winston goes further. For him it's open season on (in no particular order):

- The Chinese

- Any financial institution including the Reserve Bank

- Koreans

- Sickly white liberals

- Indians

- Anyone to his political 'right'

- All immigrants (except WASPs)

- Taxi Drivers

- Intellectuals (defined as anyone who took less than six years to complete their first degree)

- you insert

But apart from the blame game Hone and Winston are indistinguishable to the extent that National doesn't want them and won't have them while for Labour it's 'come to mother, all is forgiven'. That mob would sup with the devil in order to regain power. Mind you, for Winston home is where the whanau is with his sister standing for Labour in Northland.


gravedodger said...

When I analyse the rubbish that candy floss (made with brown sugar clearly) pricks like Hatfield and WRP dribble, they are shallower than the Liquifaction on the Port Hills.
The towering intellects such as Holmes and Espiner are so desperate for relevance they court them as guests to raise ratings. Too simple to see that most thinking voters are so over them if they ever gave them credence.

Anonymous said...

At least Hone can be seen for what he is - there's no slick facade that masks the real rot within.