Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free aint Free, somebody else Paid

A few days a go, some idiot went out to the country estate of The Troughmaster General and woke the old prick up.

The alleged reason, to get an entirely predictable response to Gerry's and Roger's timeline on the earthquake recovery.

Now the dopey old prick thinks his relevance is restored and guess what. he makes a call for "FREE" F**KING" dental care for everyone, in a demented flight of fancy.

The little punk, masquerading as a journalist, has now made a story based on the mind numbing idiocy the old goat proposed.

Hey Jim, you old trougher, it AINT FREE, it will be paid for by me and other people, many of whom live in struggle street. It wont be a burden for you with your generous gold plated Superannuation, plus National super and all the gold you swept up, or more likely had some poor minion sweep up for you, from all the public troughs you have accessed in your 50 odd years at the teat.

Pour yourself another three fingers of Glenlivet, settle back down in your Lazyboy and go back to the irrelevance you have so richly earned - not.


pdm said...

He could phone his old whisky drinking cohort Winston and they could be irrelevant together.

pdm said...

I should have read the article before commenting. I thought it must have been Bolger who was being referred to. Still they could have a threesome with the Glenlivet I suppose - birds of a feather and all that.