Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fortunately, Socialists Never Learn

If they did, one after the other they wouldn't all make the same mistakes.

Clark, Obama, Gillard - all from the same play book.

NZ Labour's brother's and sisters across the Tasman are enjoying the same sort of electoral popularity as did Helen Clark in 2008. Just like Clark's tatty remnant party of today, they are deemed unsellable, not just federally but in absolutely every state as well. Hell, if they were in New Zealand they'd lose the seats of Mana and Mangere.

Adolf heard the real deal, behind the scenes goss the other day which simply confirms that which is published.

A couple of retailers - non grocery, non booze - report that when the word went out that electricity prices would increase by between 30% and 50% as a result of Julia's carbon tax that she wasn't going to have but changed her mind about, sales abruptly halted. That's H A L T E D. That's NOT substantially reduced, or faltered or went into a downturn. That's totally disappeared, for some weeks.

Labour pulled the same trick in NZ in 2004. They pushed the productive sector into recession but hid the reality by boosting the number of gummint employees and calling it GDP growth.

Here in Australia, all the ordinary people have battened down the hatches. Wage earners have stopped discretionary spending. Small businesses are reporting invoices which a year ago were paid on date of issue now take two months. Clients who regularly utilised their services are saying 'Sorry we just have to give it a miss this quarter.'

Don't be surprised if Australia does in fact slip into recession when the June quarter GDP figures come out. The March quarter saw a staggering 1.2% decline which has been spun as a one off but if what I'm seeing and hearing continues, Gillard will need more than a few coals from Newcastle to stop her sliding bum first into the electoral bog.

And yes, NZ Labour is still unmistakably Clark's party. That's why it's still so unpopular.


gravedodger said...

If Quality and quality equate then it is a considerable arse to skid into oblivion on eh.
Pity about the poor bloody citizens of the "lucky Country" who were hoodwinked int electing her dinosaur socialist party to the treasury benches.

SHG said...

2009 was, according to Aussie commentators, an "almost recession".

This past quarter has felt much much worse than 2009.

In my own business I'm now counting myself lucky if 14-day invoices are paid by 45 days - I've had more than one client just say "sorry, can't pay". And some of these are good clients with whom I have long-standing relationships; they're not being wankers, they just don't have the money. Their OWN businesses are struggling and shit flows downhill.

(It is a source of pride that I have never been late on a bill payment to one of my own suppliers. But boy, it's coming awfully close.)

When the weekend rolls around and my partner and I turn to each other and ask "what shall we do this weekend?" we each respond "something cheap". And we're (in theory) comfortably middle-class.

Australian end of financial year is June 30 - I don't think the numbers are going to be pretty reading.

Anonymous said...

They don't need to learn because people keep voting for them. Oz is pretty socialist I reckon - that would explain the "two supervising the one digging" appearance of labour use that stood out for me last weekend in Sydney. I haven't seen that so obviously in NZ since they widened my street with Council labour in about 1965.

A complication will arise when labour policies put union people out of work.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The Cook and I went on Sunday to what is arguably South Australia's biggest retail plant at Virginia.

On the busiest day of the week you'd be lucky if there were twenty people there to buy anything.

Quite remarkable. Must be very scary for the proprietors and all their hanger on franchisee coffee shops and sellers of knick-knacks.

We brought home half a dozen young fruit trees which now are blowing in the wind in our back yard.

And by hell, is it ever blowing!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Should read "...retail plant nursery at ...."

Anonymous said...

Aussie Labor will be back in power before NZ Labour. I only hope for the sake of both countries it isn't for a generation or two.


KG said...

"A study by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research last year found the average Australian family had NZ$18,000 ($14,600) more disposable income a year than its New Zealand equivalent."

And I don't expect that gap to close any time soon.

Nick said...

It's staggering to think that Australia earns in excess of $200billion from resource exports alone, and Gillard and Labour have managed to dump it into recession. Staggeringly staggering.

Ackers said...

Doesn't take much to stagger you does it Nick. Would you like to point out any other countries that have weathered the economic travails of the last 5 years as well as Australia?

Technically Australia has yet to go into recession, one of the few advanced economies to weather the GFC without doing so.

The reasons are fairly obvious though I very much doubt your feeble brain would be capable of processing this.

Maybe it's time to head back to NZ Adolf!

After all you'd surely be better off there than in this ruined socialist economy teetering on the edge of such disaster.

I can't imagine you'd be missed.

Personally can't think of anything worse than Kiwi imports whose default position is stuck on whinge.

Not what this country is about.

Anonymous said...

that Tom Hunter said ...

In 2007 Ackers hailed Rudd as a brilliant leader for the times.

In 2008 Ackers hailed Obama as a brilliant leader for the times.

In 2010 Ackers hailed Julia as a brilliant leader for the times.

It's not much of track record is it?

Even more so when you consider the eery similarities of managerial incompetence, political incompetence and verbal gaffes that connect Mr Earwax with the Corpseman and Ms. Hyperbowl.

You know I'm beginning to think Ackers is a bit of a dumb cunt.

Anonymous said...

said that Tom Hunter said...

and yes - it's "eerie".


Flashman said...

I'm warning you.

Never let a Welshie near the controls of anything more complicated than a beer spanner and cigarette lighter.

Anonymous said...

"Fortunately, socialists never learn"...that WE just don't know what's good for us

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ackers, the only thing teetering around here is you and your continues ability to visit and comment.

I see Tom Hunter appears to have your measure.