Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Few More Questions.......

  • Do Goff and Mallard take elocution lessons from Julia Gillard?
  • Does the Labour Party have anywhere on any of its computers a file labelled 'policies'?
  • Does anyone who even slightly knows Cameron Slater believe for a moment the National party hierarchy or loerarchy would touch him with a forty foot pole?
  • How do you spell 'Drupal'?
  • Did Labour hire Blue State Digital only to get BlueChip by mistake?
  • Who's going to pay Hone's salary after June 26th?
  • Is Weiner's schnitzel bigger than his schnoz?
  • Could Weiner get a job at Channel 9 calling the cricket with Bill Lawry?
  • They're both bird fanciers, aren't they?
  • Does Professor Glugman know the differences between data, theory and superstition?
  • Can he find just one example from the last ten years where his mates have 'adjusted' climate data down instead of up?


Anonymous said...

hehe, I'd like to see the answer to the last one. Also,

Who are all these gullible people that swallow everything alarmist types throw at them? And, how did they survive birth?

Johnboy said...

"Is Weiner's schnitzel bigger than his schnoz?"

Unless he sent you a photo you can only say it's shorter than his schnoz by one foreskin!