Saturday, June 18, 2011

Embarrasing or what

The cringeworthy portrayal of various Maori pollys grasping at the robes of the self styled "Bishop" of Destiny Church was one of the more embarrassing scenes on state TV for a while. At least Wiener had humor going for him.

Tamaki was in his element but Henare, Hatfield, Sharples and I don't recall who was there for the Goofy party, I was reaching for the sickbowl, all appeared to me to be looking for Hasmac suits.

Next it will be Black Power then the Mongrels and all the other accoutrements of race based groups as the desperate dance with the devil.

Did Henare ask anyone if he should go there, obviously insufficiently aware to make a rational decision himself.

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Anonymous said...

I hate being called (BRO) or (BOSS) when im a white New Zealander, and as for density church and the brown bro,their words buy the bigshit a new cycle and his bitch(women) a new photo shop program, blonde bimbo maoris dont do much for me