Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dumber Still

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse for Gillard, something else happens.

This time them damned slanty-eyed Chingalings have snuck in under her guard and bought up forty three farms near Gunnedah on the NSW Tablelands. This is prime farming country but that ain't the rub. You see, our communist friends (the purchaser is a company wholly owned by the Chinee gummint) aren't going to farm the farms. They're going to dig them up and send them to China.

Who said they can't take the land away? In this case the company is a coal miner and, lo and behold, these farms lie over some of the largest and richest coal deposits in Australia.

So, just as Gillard is desperately trying to sell her suicidal carbon tax to poor unsuspecting Australian salary and wage earners, the Chinks have come along to dig the coal up and take it to China where they can burn it all day and night long with no carbon taxes.

How did this happen? You might well ask. It appears the monitoring of farm sales to dirty filthy evil furriners is a State responsibility and nobody in the Fedral Gummint thought to put the figures together from all seven states and territories. (Is it still seven?)

Of course the cockies are not grizzling. It would seem these farms sold for well over market value - in some cases ten times the purchase price. (Mind you, one is not told how long ago the farm was purchased so it's likely to be quite some time.)

Yes, them bumper stickers are getting closer.





gravedodger said...

Just call the Hunt, they take unwanted, injured and old horses to feed the hounds.

Anonymous said...

"...damned slanty-eyed Chingalings"

"ditch the bitch"

Yeah! That's the towering intellect and razor sharp wit which sees this site surpass the lame-stream media in its profound influence on the public psyche! Keep it up guy! Better than 200 word sentences from that gravedodger loser anyway.