Monday, June 20, 2011


15 yo youth we will call A, is in a car pulled over by police.
Another 15 yo, B, the driver, is processed at 4 times the youth drink drive rate.
Two youths, passengers in the car, including A are taken to Timaru Police station while B is given a subsequent evidential test.

Police ring A's mother to come in and collect him in spite of a warning that she will be 'trollied' by now !
A's mum rocks up she gets done for drink driving, "I've only had 4 RTDs and a few SHOTS".

A and his Mum go out to leave in Mum's partner's car, partner had followed the travelling circus to the station, wouldn't you know it, plod gets him for DIC as well.

Just what happened subsequently is not known yet but the Pareora Family are accusing the police of entrapment !!

I have had fishing days like that, the only way to stop the fish plunging onto the hook is to pack up the tackle.

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kevin said...

There must be some sort of genetic deficiency.