Friday, June 24, 2011

Cream With That Sir

Over at KB a commenter has a tale of woe about a young man who after fleeing a shop in Georgia with a laptop under his jacket ran into four Marines collecting toys for charity. In the fracas that followed a Marine was stabbed in the back and had to go to hospital for treatment as did the thief.

Poor old Tyrone slipped and fell following the stabbing and suffered two broken arms, a broken ankle, suspected rib fractures, missing teeth, and contusions. He was just so lucky that the Marines were there to administer first aid to Tyrone as the fall resulted in quite severe injuries.

Would you like cream with your just desserts sir.

Of course in NZ the perp would have been treated and rehabed by ACC, the Marines would have all been charged with assault and the shop owner would have faced possible charges of inciting affray.
The perpetrator would become the victim.


royaloaks said...

Good quality justice done and dusted.If it happened here in NZ there would have to be a Royal Commission lasting 12 months. Steal a laptop and stab a marine, buddy you deserve to get your arse kicked good.

Anonymous said...

I got a 403 error on that KB link and found nothing with the search terms "marine stabbing" in the actual Beacon newspaper.

So as much as I laughed at this story I think it's probably just a joke.

Tom Hunter

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I saw this about three months ago but can't remember where.

Reminds me of the Shire Council chairman in Western Australia some decades ago who, after consuming his nightly pint of JW Black, heard a commotion from his machinery sheds some 200 metres away. In the moonlight he spotted a car load of indigent indigenes attempting to pinch petrol from his overhead tank.

He pulled out his trusty .308 and put a couple of shots over their heads and they fled the scene amidst crash gear changes and violent swerving. He gave them a parting shot but unfortunately it went a bit low and entered the vehicle through the rear window. One of the occupants was 'creased.' That is to say, he received a long shallow flesh wound to the skull - the most robust part of his anatomy.

The local courts duly dealt with the two cases. One of unlawful entry and theft of petrol for which the guilty bastards got three months in the slammer and the other for dangerous misuse of a firearm for which the offender received a $100.00 fine.

JC said...

Unfortunately the injury bits were made up.. urban legend:


Yawn said...

Whole story is just made up bullshit. Got any other old lame urban legends you want to recycle?

Anonymous said...

They're full of them I imagine. Tell the one about Obama being born in Kenya! That's a goodie!

gravedodger said...

Socialists have little regard for the truth when they want to tell a story they like so what is getting you guys so exercised.

Anonymous said...

So you're admitting you simply tell lies if it fits your little narrative? Assuming you're telling the truth (and who knows now?), that's remarkably candid. Thanks.