Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The cost of land rises

The price of a South Auckland Pig-paddock just went up again.

Philip Field, that avuncular socialist who was guilty of only helping his constituents is back in the Supreme Court appealing his conviction by the honkies for corruption and bribery that had him put in the pokey for six years.

His brief, Helen Cull claimed the honkies had nothing on him as the law did not define the difference between a gift in gratitude from an advantage gained.

I wonder how many immigrants let into the country would be worth 20 square meters of tiling here or in Samoa?

And while on matters Immigration how did Bill Lui's citizenship success pan out or was that buried with Dover Samuels, and Pansey Wong out of Parliament, Chris Carter and Rick Barker in the dogtucker mob and only potential Labour prime Ministers Shane Jones and David Cunliffe, two fine honorable gentlemen left in the parliamentary frame.


Anonymous said...

Should he not be allowed to appeal? The law has holes so those in the know can exploit them.

gravedodger said...

Didn't think I had said that, of course he has the "right".
I just get totally frustrated at what I perceive to be a waste of time, resources and money on those rights when they are exercised on behalf of someone who in times gone by would have been deprived of his right to oxygen in pretty short time.

"Bribery and Corruption", convicted on how many charges? How Guilty?

Reminds me of the grizzled old Sheriff who asked the man who had dispatched the bad guy,"did you have to shoot him SO dead".