Thursday, June 23, 2011

A concrete start to solving a fluid situation

Sept 4th Christchurch and Canterbury rudely awoken at 0434 by a 7.4, no loss of life, moderate property damage some widespread liquefaction. Province struggles to comprehend the disaster.

Dec 26th after many aftershocks accepted by many as normal following one of the major seismic events in New Zealand's recorded history, a significant event that reminded the many who had stayed home for Xmas that it ain't over yet.

Feb 22nd 6.3 @ 12 51. Major building damage including two totally collapsed, 181 dead, major structural damage, much of CBD compromised, widespread liquefaction mainly in eastern suburbs, significant structural damage to a majority of buildings, city gridlocked for much of the afternoon. In a word devastation.

June 21st 2234 a 5.4 near Godley Head after a slightly smaller but significant jolt at 13 12, further damage to already damaged buildings , more liquefaction, wetter this time, again as in Sept no loss of life, a fact widely attributed to the warning at 1312 again a significant event that resulted in mass evacs of buildings.

Throughout this developing disaster the government, and local authorities have struggled to keep abreast of developments and at the same time commence the strategies for the rebuild of the province.

That has not led to the slightest pause in the shrills of the socialists and the lamestream media, ignoring the enormity of the disaster and continuing to seek some pathetic advantage by sensationalising the obvious distress of the unfortunates in the areas of greatest destruction.
In the midst of the continuing degradation socialists desperate for a headline start a campaign denigrating the government for not giving certainty to the many people becoming increasingly fragile following 9 months and nearly 7500 yes SEVEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED after shocks, many of which would have led the news bulletins as EARTHQUAKES.

This is one of the biggest insurance liability events in history. It is complex with the overlay of personal, state (EQC) and private insurance responsibilities. It will take Time, there will be winners and losers (am already aware of too many in the former category ( 30/40 yr old roofs past their use by date being completely replaced with nil regard for depreciation) but we will work through it.

IMHO a reasonable first step if flawed in the pressure being generated by the ignorant.

Intellectual minnows such as Cosgrove, Burns, Dalziel , Anderton et al should leave it to Roger Sutton and his team who actually understand the issues to get on with it.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And an excellent headline, if I may say so.

Anonymous said...

I second Adolf - headline of the week.

Inventory2 said...

Just a slight bit of pedantry GD; the 5.7 and 6.3 were on the 13th of June, followed by the 5.4 out Prebbleton way on the evening on 21st June; but there have been so many, I can understand that they all run together.

alex Masterley said...

Well said.
The media focus on the micro issues rather than the macro (or big picture)issues on the basis that tear jerkers sell more stories.
I wish they would get out of that womans weekly new idea mindset.