Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chance to deal to an eyesore.

When the Canterbury A&P and the Canterbury Sale Yards Coy moved out to a combined facility at Wigram the City was left with two valuable centrally located opportunities for development.

The A&P oval with its grandstands continued as the Rugby League HQ with residential development surrounding.

The old saleyards site across Deans Av fron Hagley park has deteriorated into a wasteland as plans for development have foundered on argument and planning failures.

15 years on the remaining structures are an art gallery of graffiti while the yard areas grow weeds and look bloody awful. Thankfully Blenheim Rd has been diverted to go onto Moorehouse Avenue leaving the mess somewhat out of sight.

In the aftermath of the quakes it is being suggested as a solution for the beginning of the rebuild of the CBD and with the massive re-development of adjacent Railway land into retail, the idea has merit.


Mort said...

is the geotech suitable?
sounds like a reasonable suggestion. Perhaps a land swap for the titles in the current CBD could be performed.
It may even allow a memorial park on the site of the CTV building, which would appease some.

gravedodger said...

@ mort nearby Tower Junction on the old Railway yards is all open afaik has no issues. I like your memorial park idea at CTV or the PGC on the banks of the Avon.

David said...

I believe it is maori owned, good idea it has been an eyesore for a decade. I also note South Canterbury own a 6000 lot subdivision in Belfast which would be a good solution for taxpayers.

gravedodger said...

News to me David I understand it is owned by a Singaporean who had planned a highrise residential development looking across the Park and opposition came from people to the North and West .